Wii Classic Controllers

Today’s Featured Thread discusses why the upcoming Zelda title for Wii should be GCN and Classic Controller compatible. Original poster, Cooldogs_1, goes into great detail about why he believes Nintendo should make Zelda Wii compatible with their more “standard-styled” controllers, even bringing up the posibility of handicapped gamers not being able to properly use the Wii remote. He also discusses how old-school gamers might prefer the basic controller design over the Wii’s motion controls.

Personally, I too believe that there should be options to use the other controllers. Twilight Princess for the Wii lacked this option which I believe really wouldn’t have been that much trouble to add. There are many games out there that allow multiple-controller support on the Wii, such as Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. In that game, using the Classic or Gamecube controller would basically turn it back into its Gamecube counterpart, adding a red-dot-like aiming system to the guns. Just the same, Nintendo could have made using the Classic or Gamecube controller in Twilight Princess give it controls like its Gamecube version had and possibly, dare I say, even flip the game back around like it originally should have been…

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