Ocarina of TimeAs always, the discussion is circulating around the forums thanks to our dedicated users who find passion in their discussion of the greatest video game series known to man: The Legend of Zelda! There is always something to talk about, and this time the talk is about Ocarina of Time. Ocarina of Time is widely known as the most critically acclaimed game of all time and holds a special place in the heart of almost all Zelda fans. This week we propose a question, When did You Know it was Epic? Our users have already given some reasons on when they figured out it was epic, why don’t you?

“Ocarina of Time is a classic game, one of the greatest ever. It was one of the most anticipated releases of alltime and for good reason. Something I would like to know is, when did you figure out that this game was going to be epic?

It hit me when for the first time I drew the Master sword and Link transformed into his adult form. The game just kept getting better and better from that moment on.”
     – 00steven

“I watched my friend play the first three dungeons one day (and when Ganondorf got the Triforce) and I thought, “I’ve got to get this game.” So, I guess it was then I knew it was epic.”
     – JuicieJ

“When I first played it, I didn’t appreciate it. But now that I’ve played it, I realized how epic and how awesome and how revolutionizing that game really was.”
     – AwesomeTingle

I’m sure that most people out there realize that Ocarina of Time is indeed a great game, and I’m no exception to that. I first realized that Ocarina of Time was an epic game when I realized it had the power to pull me in like no other game had. The game was able to get me so involved, and I played it over and over again. The more I played the game, the more I realized how great it was. Ocarina of Time was truly an amazing game, and I could play the whole thing so many times without ever getting bored of it. Ocarina of Time drew me in a way that no game has done ever since. It stole a place in my heart the very first day I started playing it, and it’s still anchored there. The boss battles, the story, the places, the people, and everything are still rooted in my mind. I don’t think Ocarina of Time will ever lose its place in my heart.

So, think for yourself, how epic of a game is Ocarina of Time to you, and how much did it take until you realized how much you liked the game? Did it pull you in at all? We want to hear all of your opinions, so register at the forums and voice them! Recall all of the memories and let yourself dive into the pool of nostalgia that is Ocarina of Time.

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