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Skyward SwordThis time we’ve got another great discussion going on at the forums, and it happens to be about the yet-to-be-released Skyward Sword! This time the members are talking about how they think that Skyward Sword will make an impact on the future of the Zelda series. We have many mixed opinions, it seems, so why don’t you check it out for yourself? View How Will The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Change the Zelda Series? and voice your opinion! Here are a few from some of our wonderful members.

“Over-arching story: Zelda is known for its setting and its (somewhat controversial) timeline. It’s possible that Skyward Sword could contain some series-changing event that breaks the Zelda universe open for more variety of location and plot. It could be as simple as broadening the world to contain other lands – or even alternate worlds, such as Termina – or as complicated as causing another timeline branch, like Zelda did in Ocarina of Time.”
     – February Eve

“Well, I think that the major difference between the older Zelda games and SS is the battle style. That may be all he was referring to, but who knows? Maybe they’ll throw some serious plot twists and awesome changes to the Zelda formula. Either way, I’m super excited for Skyward Sword!”
     – Hero of Music

“I’m all for what sounds like “seamless” transitions between dungeon and field. A complaint I remember having about twilight princess was loading between areas and what not that made some places feel “cut-off” from the rest of hyrule. I even felt like that wasn’t even as bad in the 64 games and Wind Waker.

I’m pretty stoked for this game. I hope there are enough changes to make it feel like a breath of fresh air to the franchise, whatever they may be. “
     – Justin

In my own personal opinion, I think that Skyward Sword will change the series somewhat, seeing as how almost every Zelda game has, but I don’t think it will be exactly a huge force that impacts the future of the Zelda series. The fans always seem to think that the next Zelda game will be the best ever, and will have a very significant impact on the series, but that’s usually not what happens. They all have somewhat of an affect on the future, yes, but not an absolutely huge one. All I can say is that I hope I’m wrong and Skyward Sword introduces many new and exciting things that we can hope to see and even be improved on in the future!

As you can see, our members have a few different views on what’s going to be changed in Skyward Sword. What do you think will happen? Will Skyward Sword change the Zelda series like so many people believe, or will it be just another Zelda game that has some new features, but that aren’t really reused in the future? Voice your opinions by registering on our forums and checking out some of the great threads that our members have posted!

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