VillainsOnce again this week, there has been a lot of stimulating discussion revolving around the forums. With the coming of E3 there have been new users popping up left and right and tons of unique topics showing themselves all over the forums. We’ve hit our record number of posts during E3, so it’s only natural that there were an influx of absolutely wonderful posts. The topic of discussion for this week is the Most Effective Villain from the series. To hop in on this discussion and many more like it and better, just register on our forums! To help get you started, take a gander at the insightful opinions of our current dedicated supporters:

“I would say Majora, since like Zant, Majora gave off the initial impression of a callous and powerful supernatural being. The turning Link into a Deku Scrub and the summoning of a supernatural moon was proof of his power. The scene inside the moon was simply spine-tingling, since the juxtaposition of the apocalypse with the moon interior was just chilling. The only thing that ruined Majora for me was the child-like persona put on near the end, and the way the final boss battle seemed to indicate a loss of sanity, or perhaps a lack of sanity to begin with, on Majora’s part. It showed a loss of control, which ruined a bit of the frightening aura set by the rest of the game.”
     – Xinnamin

“Hmmm, Majora has no concern for it’s own well-being and was going to entirely destroy the world… for no reason. That’s scary, and feels so far from human or logic, there was no reasoning with it, no understanding it. While all the villains were definitely going to go through with their evil plans, there’s just something about Majora that seems unstoppable when you first look up at that moon baring down on Clocktown.

However, I think that Vaati and Zant are interesting characters. Vaati’s story might be cliche but it’s developed, his motivation and thought process is shown to you, and you can even feel pity for the misguided fool. Zant’s character is really bizarre, he seems so collected and menacing and then turns out to act more childish than anything. He’s also pitiable, being used by Ganondorf.”
     – MahBoiLink

“I gotta say Majora simply because she(?) actually accomplishes her goal of the moon colliding with Termina. You get to actually WITNESS her(?) goals come to fruition on the Final Day. She appears to have destroyed everything, or at least Clock Town and its immediate vicinity, which is equally as wicked. Ganondorf did too in OoT (kinda), but take a look at Majora’s track record of evildoing. Many other aspects that made Majora effective as a villain in MM were her reality-bending abilities, among other things. She was a welcoming change antagonist-wise in the Zelda series, and left a strong mark.”
     – Wolf Sage

To throw in my own opinion about our well-known antagonists in the series, I would have to agree with the consensus and say that Majora is the most effective villain in the series. Majora seemed to give that sense of a terrifying presence that no other antagonist in the series could accomplish. It was a horrid creature with no regard for anybody or anything, and hungered only for bloodshed and the destruction of the world as we know it. It was a ruthless demon imprisoned inside of a mask that fought brutally with the intent of total annihilation. Majora has to be the best antagonist for me, hands down.

It seems that most other people seem to think so, as well. There have been many intimidating villains over the course of the Zelda series, which one seemed to do the job for you? Which evil being struck terror into your heart and made you feel like he wasn’t messing around, and that he would stop at no length to crush you and the pitiful world you are trying to fend his dark influence away from? Register on our forums and pop into the thread to post your opinions.

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