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Featured Thread: Majora’s Mask

Majora's MaskOnce more we’ve had a lot of good threads circling around the forums, and it’s time to give one of them glory! This time we’ll be talking about Majora’s Mask, and how it was a step in the right direction for the entire series. View the thread Was Majora’s Mask a Step in the Right Direction and participate in the discussion!

The general consensus seems to be that Majora’s Mask was indeed a step in the right direction, and a huge one at that. It also seems to be one of the more popular Zelda games among our members. Head on over to our forums and start participating so you can express you views on the subject! We want to see what everybody has to say about the wonderful game Majora’s Mask! Here are a few quotes from some of our fantastic members.

“Majora’s Mask was so emotionally involving- it made you care about what happened, and it made you hurt when it asked you to give it up, when you felt it all slip through your grasp as you turned time back once again. It constantly erased the physical proof of the progress you made, but not the mental proof, not the things you’ve experienced and learned. The game is poetic like this in so many ways, an ironic dance between what appears to be and what really is, and the themes like these make it stand out especially from the rest of the games.”
     – NorthApple

“I agree that MM stands out from the crowd. It has several elements which you mentioned were absent from the series previously. However, that’s just it, it stands out from the crowd. Looking at both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess I see very few similarities. Wind Waker seems to have taken a small cue from Ocarina of Time, while Twilight Princess was more or less a carbon copy of said game.”
     – PJDEP

“I think it definitely introduced some features that were a step in the right direction. Having a different antagonist was nice for a change, but there was also a lot of other things that I felt made the game stand out, head in the right direction, etc. “
     – Kitsu

Adding my own comments to the discussion, I believe that Majora’s Mask was indeed a huge step in the right direction. It may not have been the most innovative of Zelda games, but the creativity can blow a person away. The time limit feature with the three day limit was amazing and definitely a good thing to have. It added a whole new level of challenge to the game and a sense of impending danger as the moon draws closer to Termina with each passing hour.

You’ve seen the discussion, so hop in and join it for yourself! Register on our forums and start putting in your own opinions to help add to the discussion! Your lengthy descriptions of just how great Majora’s Mask is and whether it was a step in the right direction or not are being awaited!

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