Zelda Wii ArtworkDo you think that Ganon or Ganondorf should appear in the upcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii? This topic of discussion was raised at the Zelda Dungeon Facebook page by our Staff member Joseph and forum member peahats95 also posted a forum thread concerning the topic. Listed below are a few of the responses from other forum users.

Posted by Jesper: “I’d love to see him, because there is so many twists and cool things you can do with him, just think of WW and TP!”

Posted by Xinnamin: “The problem I have with Ganondorf coming back is that he’s predictable and boring as a villain. There’s only so many twists you can have with him.”

Posted by M-SwordLink: “Because Ganon is and always will be the sole epic villain of the series.”

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I personally think that Ganondorf has been hit or miss in some of the last few Zelda games. I have no beef with Ganondorf and I’m perfectly fine with him being a part of the story, as long as they give him some quality story to develop his character. Twilight Princess spent half the game developing Zant as a villain and I thought they did a great job, but once Ganondorf was introduced, Zant seemed to be just torn to pieces. However, Ganondorf in the Wind Waker seemed to have a lot more personality, more back story behind him, and seemed more genuine.

Ganondorf made an appearance in each of the first 3 Zelda titles and was given a cameo appearance in Link’s Awakening. A Link to the Past gave a lot of information about Ganondorf but it wasn’t until Ocarina of Time where Ganondorf got full in-game treatment in the form of a storyline. The linked up ending of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages also included Ganondorf, but he was still quite fresh in this game and was still very interesting. With Four Swords Adventures and the Wind Waker he was given the main villain tag, and Twilight Princess he seemed very tacked on at the end. In my opinion Ganondorf was perfectly fine up through the Wind Waker, but it wasn’t until the Twilight Princess Ganondorf that he started to lose his appeal. It seemed more of a, “great, him again”, rather than “oh wow, Ganon is back!”.

I think if Ganon or Ganondorf is in the next Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii, then I’d like to see him play a more vital role and have a lot more story to his character. I’d much rather see Ganondorf through much of the game, rather than him being the plot-twist in the later half of the game. I think after Twilight Princess, that has grown a bit stale and we could use a refreshment.

Perhaps not include Ganon at at all? I thought that Twilight Princess did an excellent job with Zant and if they just gave it that little extra effort at the end, rather than including Ganon, then he would have made for an amazing villain that perhaps could have become a stable in the Zelda series.

What do you think of Ganon? Has he gotten stale over the years? Would you like to see him in Zelda Wii? Perhaps you’d like to see the return of an old villain, or even a brand new villain? Let us know in the comments below.

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