Skyward SwordWith our forums ever increasing in activity, we have a lot of new topics with great discussion every day! A lot of that discussion centers around the upcoming Zelda release, Skwyard Sword! Everybody likes to hear about Skyward Sword, so why not participate in our featured thread for this week? Register on our forums today and participate in the discussion in Did They Go a Little Too Far? This topic revolves around the motion controls in Skyward Sword, and whether or not they went just a little too far with it. Here are some quotes from some of our users:

“Skyward Sword is going to be incredibly fun with the one to one motion. I personally think that the same exact slashes, in the same exact order is what is getting boring. With the Wii Motion Plus, i’ll be able to make Link do what I want and not have to rely on the game’s engine to do the slash that I want. Wii Motion Plus makes me Link, not the computer and the paddle. The Wii Motion Plus is going to be a huge step for the Zelda series and will make the game way more enjoyable. You just have to give it a chance and not be so skeptical until you can truly make the call after playing through the entire game.”
      – Hero of Music

“Sure the Wii motion would be fun at first but over time it would become tiring. After a couple hours of play I might not want to swing the nunchuck around anymore. Getting tennis elbow from countless hours of gaming would be ridiculous. (Or would that be gamer’s elbow now? Maybe Zelda Elbow) And sometimes I would just want to come home and play a game and not actually have to pretend to be Link and attack invisible monsters in my livingroom. I might just want to sit around and play a game for a while. A controller should not have to be outdated technology.”
      – Djinn

“I do think we might be going to far with motion in general. Its all apart of the “lets get america skinny again” thought process… Get yourself moving while doing typically sedentary tasks. But I work all day, and when I want to come home and relax, I would like to sit and relax. Not have to get up and move to evade a boss/enemy.”
      – Baysiderulez

So, as you can see, we have a lot of mixed opinions on the topic of whether or not Nintendo is going too far with the motion controls. I like the entire idea of motion controls and being able to get involved in the game, but there are a lot of people that sometimes don’t have the energy or just aren’t willing to get up and swing around while playing a video game. While it doesn’t bother me too much, I can see how some people would be turned away by how far they are going with the motion controls. I have a feeling it will bore some people after some time and even get annoying. We’ll just have to see what happens at release.

So, you’ve heard what the discussion is about, folks! With that done, why not head on over to the forums right now and get posting? We here at Zelda Dungeon are always eager to see your opinions concerning these topics, and very much hope that you will participate in our forums while being a loyal visitor of our site!

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