Ocarina of TimeOver at our forums we’ve had some very good discussions lately, and we’ve chosen one of these to display here on the site so all of you can join in and start participating!

The thread is titled Best Aspects of the N64 Zelda Games and has provoked many intelligent responses from our users. The thread is aimed at gathering the opinions of users on the various aspects of the Nintendo 64 Zelda games, Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time, and assessing the value of these aspects. Comparing them to the modern Zelda games and suggesting what features included in these two installments of the series could improve on others is a common trend in this thread, and something we encourage. Go ahead and check it out! Remember that you’ll have to register on the forums to participate in the discussion!

Below are a few quotes from some of our users.

“While the greatest game of all time focused more on the epic main quest, Majora’s Mask dove deeper into the characters’ situations. As you help the characters with their quests, you start to become attached to them. They each have a unique story, and you can’t help but feel bad when you know that they will likely die in three days as the menacing moon descends upon Termina.”
     – Majora’s Cat

“I feel that there was a lot of depth in those games, a lot of quotable lines… I’m not sure why the story was so much better in those days. It’s clear in MM, but it’s there in OoT as well. The story of Zelda was never quite that good before those two games, and it was never quite as good afterward, though they tried to reach that level.”
     – athenian200

“Nintendo really played the way they included the minor characters into the game really well, and instead of just repeating that for both games, Majora’s Mask did it a little differently.”
     – Durion

So, what are you waiting for? We value everyone’s opinions and hope to hear them! Head on over to our forums and start participating!

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