Among the assortment of unique additions to the world of Zelda as we know it in Skyward Sword was the brand new shield meter. This meter determined how much oomph your shield exactly had left in it, making it necessary to either upgrade or repair every once in a while. Many fans took this to their disliking, not appreciating the fact that their shield may break in the middle of a dungeon simply because they were keeping their guard up. In many cases it discouraged fans from using the shield at all. How do you think it affected you as a player? Did you find it tedious to upgrade and repair your shield? Do you wish they would have scrapped the idea entirely? Leave your comments in our featured thread for today, Do You Like Durability on Shields? More info about the forums and my opinion after the jump.

I can’t really say I was ever a shield enthusiast myself, so the shield meter never affected me much throughout my playthrough of Skyward Sword. I had my wooden shield break, though it was because I was unaware of the fact that my shield meter was going down so incredibly fast. I found it annoying that my shield could break so quickly and easily, and it really did discourage me from using the shield at all, and rather compelled me to go on a full and reckless offense. The Sacred Shield cleared that up a bit by eliminating the need for repairs, but I still found that I didn’t have much of a favorable opinion of the shield meter.

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