The newest form of transportation presented to us in Skyward Sword deviated from the methodical engagement of travel presented to us in previous games – typically in the form of a horse. This is in league with the way Spirit Tracks threw at us a completely different form of transportation, but taken to a completely new and exciting level. The prospect of exploring the sky aback a giant bird was original and exciting to fans everywhere. In the end, we didn’t get much room to explore, but the controls and mechanics behind the flying of the Loftwing still entranced some players. How did you feel about flying the Loftwing? Were the controls easy to manage and your bird easy to maneuver? While we’re at it, what did you think about the exploration offered by flying the Loftwing? Drop your opinions in the featured thread on our forums today, What Do You Think of Flying the Loftwing? and jump inside for more information regarding our forums and my own personal opinions in the subject.

To throw in my two cents, I believe that flying the Loftwing was a great experience that offered a new way to really enjoy travel in the Zelda series. My only lament is the fact that there wasn’t much actual exploration to be had. The upside to this is that it didn’t take on the boring tone many associated with sailing the Great Sea in The Wind Waker, though you get into the old groove after a while – soaring to the provinces of the surface and between Goddess chests. The controls were smooth, though it took some getting used to on the very first time through. The Loftwing itself was a unique way to look at exploration and really fit the theme of the game perfectly, coinciding with an enthralling exploratory pressure the game presented right off the bat with its unique ideas.

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