This week our featured fanart is “Zelda: Boss Overdrive II” by deviantART artist Matt Cummings, AKA EiffelArt.

Boss Overdrive II

To some of you, this may look somewhat familiar, perhaps reminding you of a previous piece of art you’ve seen featured here at ZD. Indeed, Matt Cummings was featured before with his Zelda: Boss Overdrive piece involving the bosses of A Link to the Past. This piece is in much the same vein, only focusing on Wind Waker instead, and like before, Matt has high resolution versions of all the bosses featured in the full image above at his deviantART gallery. For your convenience, we’re providing you with the direct link to each piece.

Kalle Demos
Helmaroc King
Puppet Ganon

Pretty cool huh? Personally, I find his interpretation of Wind Waker’s Link to be simply adorable, reminiscent of the Link you see in the original Legend of Zelda almost. What do you guys think?

Also, for all you artists and art enthusiasts out there, be sure to check out the ZD deviantART group, ZD’s open fanart gallery.

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