This week our featured fanart is “Watch Out for the Octopus” by deviantART artist folkfiddle.


Those of you who have played Phantom Hourglass must certainly remember those adorable cardboard cutout cutscenes, right? This piece here combines bright colors and textures with a humorous scene choice that wonderfully represents that same paper cutout style that Phantom Hourglass utilized so masterfully. What’s more, while the above piece was digitally created, the artist goes further and brings the piece to life with an actual paper cutout version.


I applaud anyone with the patience to cut out all those tiny little details and still keep true to the style of the piece. Which of the two versions is your favorite, and what do you guys think about them both?

Also, for all you artists and art enthusiasts out there, be sure to check out the ZD deviantART group, ZD’s open fanart gallery.

Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough

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