With the start of the new year we here at ZeldaDungeon are happy to once again showcase a weekly featured fanart spotlight. To start off, in honor of the nice white winter a lot of you out there must be experiencing, our first featured fanart is “The Twilight Princess” by deviantART artist Pertheseus.

The Twilight Princess

Personally, I find the style gorgeous and the snow to be beautifully executed, not to mention Midna’s smug little face is quite amusing. What do you guys think?

As an added note, ZeldaDungeon now has its own group on deviantART.com, a major online art community. The group functions as an open fanart gallery, expanding off of our ZD gallery, which is open to all Legend of Zelda fanart submissions. Since the group is brand new, things are still getting set up and organized. It may seem rather empty and lonely right now, but that’s all the more reason for all of you artists out there to help populate our new little group with beautiful art. If you already have a deviantART account, why not join our group and start submitting your creations? If you don’t have a deviantART account but still want your fanart featured in the group, just let us know.

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