Featured Fanart: Fat Penguin

This week our featured fanart is “Fat Penguin” by deviantART artist Ponthion.


Even though Skyward Sword has not even been released yet, there is already much fanart focusing around this amazing new game. Now, we could spend time gawking over how amazing some of the new character designs are or give more attention to the main characters that have already received so much spotlight, but this week I’d rather turn the light to this little plant-penguin fellow who appeared for a brief couple of seconds in the Skyward Sword E3 2011 Trailer. I’m personally a huge fan of strange and unusual critters, and from what we’ve seen of Skyward Sword already it is clear we will encounter several new races or species that have never appeared in a Zelda title before. This little Penguin, beautifully and adorably painted in lovely watercolors, is one of those new races that I am very excited to learn more about. What do you guys think?

Also, for all you artists and art enthusiasts out there, be sure to check out the ZD deviantART group, ZD’s open fanart gallery.

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