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The newest featured article over at the Zelda Wiki features one of our favorite Zelda sidekicks, Midna. For those of you who have already beaten Twilight Princess, the article is a good read to refreshen your memory on what made Midna so great. She was quite an interesting character from the beginning of the game, with Link never really understanding her full motives until well into the story. The evolution of Midna throughout the game was just as interesting, watching her views of certain characters change. If you have yet to play Twilight Princess, you should stay away from the Midna article as it is very spoiler heavy.

Midna has been such an influential character that it has even led to a fan website being created in the effort of getting Midna back into future Zelda titles. You can check out the site, which is known as “Want Midna Back“.

So how does this featured article process actually work? It really is all up to the fans which pages become featured. Check out the Featured Article Nomination page and you’ll see what it takes to get an article featured on the index page of the Zelda Wiki. It basically is a fan vote. if you like an article, you can nominate it as a featured article and other Wiki fans will vote on it. Simple as that.

I’ve personally been working on a few projects at the Zelda Wiki, with one being a revamp of the enemies from the original Legend of Zelda. It is going hand in hand with an ongoing project here at Zelda Dungeon that will surface at some point in the future. So why not check out the enemies page and help out by contributing a bit?

Midna @ Zelda Wiki

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