For a game that I complain about not being whimsical enough, Twilight Princess still manages to have the funniest moment of the entire series for me. This is the one scene that makes me laugh more than anything else in Zelda: The moment when the Hyrule Castle Town soldiers duck out of helping Ilia and Ralis get to Kakariko Village.

At this point in the game, the player would be trying to get into the Lakebed Temple, and this mission led them to help Ralis recover, for which the reward was the Zora Armor. But the only healer capable of helping a Zora like Prince Ralis was in Kakariko, so Ilia was going to take him there. The eavesdropping soldiers volunteer to help, cheering and yelling and getting psyched up for it. This is the part that makes me laugh the most. It’s hilarious how pumped they get, just like “YEAH GUYS LET’S DO THIS!!!”

Then Telma explains the dangers and monsters that are out there in the fields to Ilia, and the guards stop cheering, look at each other, and run off mid-explanation with one hilarious straggler. Telma yells at them, and then notices Link, who, of course, is the one to help them get to Kakariko. The ensuing cart defense sequence is a pretty epic moment of its own, but this funny scene is my favorite of the two by far. It might not sound terribly funny, but you just have to watch it yourself to get the full impact, with the audio and whatnot.

So did you find this scene funny or like it as much as I did? Got another moment you find funnier? Tell me in the comments!

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