Favorite 3d Zelda Temples

Stone Tower Temple Upside DownA little while back Austin over at Nintendo Everything posted what he thinks are the best 3d Zelda temples in the entire series. He created the Top 3 list in a quick video format and you can view the embedded video by clicking read more. His list of top 3 dungeons came in as the follows…

3. Great Bay Temple (Majora’s Mask)
2. Lakebed Temple (Twilight Princess)
1. Stone Tower Temple (Majora’s Mask)

I personally am a bit shocked that the Great Bay Temple was able to make the list as I personally did not find anything overly impressive about the particular dungeon. In fact, I found the Great Bay Temple to be one of the most frustrating dungeons in Zelda history. The Lakebed Temple on the other hand was a massive improvement for the standard Water based dungeons. Perhaps it is partially due to the fact that very little of the dungeon requires Link to actually swim underwater. I found the puzzles to be rather simple, but very fun nonetheless. Not sure if I’d put it on my top list but it is certainly one of the better Twilight Princess dungeons. Lastly, Stone Tower Temple, and I don’t think I can argue against this one. One of the most unique and most difficult dungeons in the Zelda series in my opinion and I think Austin does a great job of summing it up in the video.

Either take a look at Nintendo Everything or just click read more to watch the embedded video. Let us know what you thought of his list and what your top list would look like.

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