Ever since the Zelda series began its reign, we have been introduced to some very beautiful music that make the game series that much more memorable. One of the most famous songs is the Main Zelda theme we all know and love, yet surprisingly there have been few games that play it as their Overworld theme. Other games like Ocarina of Time for example, have their original Overworld theme with subtle hints that sound a bit like the Main Zelda song. All this and more is discussed in Curse Entertainment‘s video as they take the audience on a musical journey of the Zelda franchise.

In the video, Curse Entertainment explains just how much the awesome Zelda music has grown to the point of having orchestras perform their music. The narrator also mentions the melodies that show up in almost every Zelda game such as the Hyrule Castle tune, yet are very different in their respective game as they give the player a sense of familiarity and tie in other eras of Zelda as well. In addition, the video above discusses some fun facts regarding Zelda’s Lullaby and how the famed composer, Koji Kondo works in creating a tune. Although Curse Entertainment don’t mention it directly, whether you are new to the Zelda series or a long-time fan, music is going to be embedded in the popular Nintendo franchise for a long time that will continue to make it memorable for newer generations of Zelda fans.

What are your thoughts on the video above? Have you ever noticed the subtle hints in the music? Let us know down below and be sure to check out Curse Entertainment’s channel for even more gaming videos!

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