Hearing a song for the first time can have a huge impact on a person. It is an even bigger impact if they personally relate to the lyrics of the song and what they mean. That being said, songwriting is no easy task to accomplish, especially when the writer is trying to relate to as many people as possible. These two fans have created their own original Zelda-inspired song, and the lyrics are breathtakingly beautiful.

This Zelda inspired song called “Lullaby” was written by YouTube musician Nathan Sharp, also known as NateWantsToBattle, and the music was created by Shawn Christmas. The vocals of the song were sung by Adriana Figueroa, or adrisaurus, and she sings so heavenly, it’s almost like Princess Zelda herself is singing instead. All of the three people who worked on this song did an awesome job that the listener could perfectly picture a Zelda music video in their head. Although Sharp doesn’t mention it in the description box, the lyrics and music are heavily hinted to be inspired from Ocarina of Time and Zelda’s Lullaby. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful song that any Zelda fan should listen to immediately.

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