Minecraft Pixel FanartYes, I realize I’m in a Minecraft mood. I hadn’t played the game in a while, so last night I walked around for a bit and got exploded like an idiot. I went back to my Ocarina of Time 3D right after that. But I did find an awesome pixel artwork someone did of Link. There are a lot of things a person can do in Minecraft, and this person, MissMinecraftBuilder spends her time making pixel art.

I could probably never do this. I am a bit of an artist since I’m in Game Design, but I honestly don’t think I could. At all. Even if I could, it’d take me about a month, and it would never look as nice. Just watch, I’m sure you will be amazed.

This isn’t the kind of fanart I really see very often, so I spent about twenty minutes going through all of the videos. They have also done Snake, Mario, Pikachu… it’s insane how much they have. Just look at the walls!

Like always, comment away! If you want to see more Minecraft pixel art, please say so and I will search around for more.

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