Developed by Xfixium in RPG Maker 2003, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening 1.0 is a remake of the 8-bit portable classic The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Long considered to be a fan-favorite, this title has only received one updated port for the GameBoy Color.

This updated version updates the sprites and overworld with some 16-bit touches straight out of A Link to the Past, alongside a more robust soundtrack and (most notably) a full color palette! Everything from the original is present as well, from the dialog scenes to the characters to even the many secret heart containers hidden over the island.

This is definitely an impressive remake, even if it’s release may be questionable in it’s legality. You can download the game here, but don’t be surprised if this eventually gets shut down. Something tells me that since Nintendo is still trying to churn money off this particular game (releasing it on the 3DS VC) that a free release of a version that looks “better” than the original is going put a few heads in Nintendo on notice. Might as well download it now before it vanishes.

Ganondorf has been given the power to break into Limbo, the Realm Between Dimensions. With this power, he can send his monsters out to attack other worlds. Meanwhile, in Hyrule, the Spiritual Stones have been stolen from the Temple of Time. Link goes to find out what is going on, only to be sent off by Dark Link. Now he must journey to the Mushroom Kingdom and seek help from Mario in order to save all of the realms. However, something even darker lurks, and it may take the combined power of several strange objects found in each world to end its reign.

This is the introduction to “World’s Collide”, a fan game that is being created by one of our local fans, EmilyAnnCoons. Their is a fully functional demo that allows you to play through the entire first dungeon in the game. It’s rather impressive for a fan work based on a fan created story and I am sure we’ll continue to follow it through it’s development. You can always find the updates faster by checking out her forum thread about the game.

Having now played both games myself, naturally I am more inclined to like Link’s Awakening more, simply because it’s familiar, it’s play style I already am familiar with, and the graphical upgrades are gorgeous to look at. Meanwhile World’s Collide still feels very raw, but it has some potential. Some of the puzzles in the first dungeon are pretty clever, though nothing is overly difficult.

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