With the success of Nintendo’s recent Super Mario Maker, it has raised questions from The Legend of Zelda fans as to where or when we will get a The Legend of Zelda maker. Now Youtube creator and indie game maker Dream Mix has released a recent video on a early development game. From what they have shown in the video, it seems to have many of the assets from A Link to the Past.

At this current point in time, there is only one video on the game. In order for it to not be taken down, they have created some assets in their own style and plan to add several unique assets to differentiate the product enough to avoid any issues. Of course this isn’t a true replacement for a Zelda Maker from Nintendo, but hopefully success of projects like this will show Nintendo the high interest in making an official product.

Tell us what you think of the idea of a The Legend of Zelda maker fan project in the comments below.

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