I was once told a couple years ago that Zelda theorizing is dead. After all, most theories out there revolved around timeline placement and filling in the blanks. Sure, there were still theories about some of the story and backgrounds for specific games, but mostly all of them have been told. Surely if a new theory did pop up, it would be for a new game. As they say, we’ve been there and done that, and thus there isn’t a lot of new theories to talk about. That’s what many would have me believe. Fast forward to 2015 and we have a brand new theory, at least new in that it’s something I have never seen before.

YouTuber M. Productions put out a new theory for the holidays, appropriately titled “Zelda is Evil?”. The theory focuses on a innate flaw in Hylia‘s plan for there to always be a hero to save the people when the evil arises, and Hylia’s (or in this case, Zelda‘s) role in it. The theory focuses on two “known” in-universe wars that have only been mentioned, but never experienced. I won’t go into full detail as it is explained in the video above, but the general gist of it focuses on the conflict between the Hylians and the Gerudo, and how the Gerudo don’t actually seem to be evil at all, or of ill will, but instead were forced into a very specific role because of the tyranny of the Hylian rule. The flaw shows that the Hylian’s aren’t always actually good (specifically, Zelda), and that her master plan has no solution for internal conflicts. As an example, what happens if Princess Zelda is the problem. There is no solution to this.

It also brings up an interesting point – Link‘s real role in the series is more to deal with outside threats. A Demise like figure that is really more about him/herself instead of about anyone else in Hyrule. Link doesn’t deal with internal issues unless those issues are in the way of him stopping the outside force. It really puts things in perspective and is very well supported based on in game evidence. It also doesn’t directly contradict any of the known facts.

This is all a theory, but do yourselves a favor and watch the video above, as it goes into far more detail than I did. Do you find this to be plausible? Do you have an entirely different take?

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