We’ve seen and covered several fan movements to recreate certain elements from the Legend of Zelda franchise in Lego bricks, and although some have been submitted to Lego Ideas hoping to attract the company’s attention and to see the sets produced and sold on shelves internationally, none of these projects actually saw the light of day. Certain fans, however, have shown an incredible amount of dedication to Lego projects, such as BrucilSprout’s creation, detailing a miniature representation of The Wind Waker‘s expansive Sea Chart and overworld with Lego bricks.

Creating a project like this one is not a walk in the park, and taking into account the amount of detail the creator put into his work it’s safe to say that he has knack for creating micro builds such as this one. Certain areas feature very prominently, such as the Forsaken Fortress, Outset Island, and the Tower of the Gods, and all of this can be arranged and rearranged in any way you want, as it is (theoretically) possible to remove certain tiles and replace them alongside another tile.

The whole project was designed in Lego Digital Designer, rendered in POV-ray and counts around 1900 pieces. For those interested, a download for the Digital Designer File can be found here, and for anyone wanting to see more, a picture of his next project (Ocarina of Time‘s world map) can be found alongside all pictures of the Wind Waker chart in the gallery below!

What do you think of BrucilSprout’s creation? Have you made any Lego fan builds of your own? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Imgur

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