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Test subjects can now return to the dreaded Aperture Laboratories for another round of testing. This time, however, you will be tested for your power, wisdom, and courage! Steam user ajminfigure, through the use of Steam Workshop, has created a prototype Portal 2 test chamber. This time, it’s Zelda themed. The chamber is designed to test the power, wisdom, and courage of those who enter it, all while utilizing the Portal series’ fun and mind-bending game play.

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The chamber’s objectives, as ajminfigure puts it, are to exhibit your courage by rescuing the beloved companion cube, exhibit your wisdom by solving the chamber’s complex puzzle of panels, and exhibit your power by taking on a mob of turrets. By surpassing the chamber’s challenges, the player will be led to a “Triforce” of sorts. Although this chamber is not actually available for play, it’s possible that it may be introduced to the game. Valve is known to listen to their fans and observe their creations.

Whether the hero carries the Master Sword or a portal gun, the challenges presented are easily conquered!

So what do you think? Are you a fan of both Portal and Zelda? Plan on playing this crossover level? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Steam Workshop

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