ZeldaDollFinalI am always impressed by people who can make things with their hands. Even more impressive is when people can make amazing gaming-themed things with their hands. Crocheting has a reputation for being something your grandmother does, but it lends itself surprisingly well to geeky pursuits. This crocheted Zelda doll from Imgur user Edoherty79 is a perfect example. Click through to see the progress pictures and the final result!

The first image shows she is off to a good start with the head formed and the torso/dress in progress.


The commentary informs us that it took two hours just to stitch in the hair, and that doesn’t include styling it. The crown took a further two hours to complete. It is amazing to me that Edoherty79 just improvised the crown and had it turn out so well: crocheting isn’t easy.





The final image shows us that the doll was based on Twilight Princess Zelda. I think it is a great likeness and I would love to have gotten one of these in my stocking this Christmas. You can check out the entire photo series on Imgur and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Source: Imgur

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