Fan Made Amiibos Found On Etsy

amiibo tfhOn Etsy shop NintendorkCorner is selling sets of three customized Toon Link amiibo in the style of Tri Force Heroes. Green Link is in the Tingle costume, Red Link is in the Goron costume and Blue Link is in the Big Bomb costume. The three figures look nice, with the Tingle outfit looking the best in my opinion. For $30.00 plus shipping it is quite a tempting offer,but whether it is worth it or not is up to you.



Check out some pictures of the amiibo after the jump!


amiibo tingle outfit

amiibo goron outfit

amiibo bomb outfit

What do you think of these amiibos, are they worth buying or would you prefer to stick to the official Nintendo amiibos? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.

Source: Etsy

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