“I- I’m sorry, Link. That was very forward of me. I understand that if you don’t-” Mipha was cut off by a surprise kiss planted on her lips by her object of affection.

Link knew that he wasn’t a very eloquent man; he would have probably butchered his response. So, he did the next best thing. As both of the lips met, Mipha let out a surprised squeak, but eventually melted into their meeting.

As they broke apart, Mipha felt her disappointment show on her face. It quickly faded, though, as their eyes locked. The young princess’s face reddened as she bashfully looked down, “so… does that mean that you love me too?”

Link nodded, his wide smile comforting her, “of course I do.” She leaned into him as he put her arm around her. “I don’t know what this means for us, but I can’t allow myself to be patient with something like this. With all that’s going on in the world… with my dad…” Link sighed, taking a breath before composing himself, “life’s too short to be scared of something like this. No more waiting. No more being quiet about it.”

As Link spoke, Mipha’s eyes lit up; hearing her new lover speak such a way about her filled her heart with joy. Looking up at him, a small smile crossed her face, “I… I made something for you, in case, well, in case we ever, you know.” He shot her a puzzled look, not quite following her train of thought. “In case we ever got married!” She said quickly, shutting her eyes as she waited for a negative response from him. She was talking about marriage? Mipha chided herself for moving too fast. It was too soon. Before Link could say anything, though, Zelda approached them.

“We’ve made a decision. Both of you should be present for this.” Zelda said stoically, before heading back to the Domain with Link and Mipha in tow.

As the approached the throne room, they saw the entirety of the Zora people awaiting for the results at the bottom of the stairs. Both Link and Mipha approached the throne room, standing aside as the king spoke. “As you know, Calamity Ganon is showing signs of returning, and as such, we have been asked to assist in helping with his defeat, as we are one of the four races that can pilot a divine beast.” The king paused, showing great distress. Mipha looked at her father, confused and worried. Who could they have chosen? “After many hours of research, we have concluded that only those with royal blood can pilot the Divine Beast, thanks to its connection with our ancestors. As you can see, I am far too large to pilot such a vessel, and my son is far too young…”

“No.” Link said surprisingly loud.

“Excuse me?” Zelda asked incredulously, turning and glaring at Link. “As a retainer, you are to be seen, not heard. Now be quiet.”

Link stepped forward, “No! I won’t let Mipha be put in harm’s way. There has to be someone else- anyone else!”

Mipha was touched by Link’s defense of her. Truth be told, the thought of having to face Calamity Ganon and pilot a Divine Beast overwhelmed and frightened her. But she knew that her father was right; she was the only one that could. The Zora princess rested her hand on Link’s shoulder before pulling him into a hug, “It will be okay. This is something that only I can do. Besides,” she pulled away and looked at him with an innocent smile, “my fiance will be with me every step of the way, won’t he?”

Mipha had been a little too loud for Link’s tastes, his face growing extremely red as he felt all eyes on them. All he could do was smile bashfully and nod at her.

The crowd soon dispersed, despite there being audible confusion, leaving Zelda, the king, Link, Muzu, and Mipha. “Absolutely not! I will not allow this!” Muzu, the king’s adviser said, “a Zora and a Hylian? Absolutely not!”

Mipha turned towards her father, “I don’t want to upset you, father, but you’ve known for some time, haven’t you?” The great king nodded, a slight smile on his face.

“There is nothing in our laws that say-” Before he could finish, the king was interrupted off by his old friend.

“My lord, if you will-”

“Can this wait?” Zelda asked impatiently, cutting off the adviser, growing impatient. “Honestly, Link, if I knew that you were going to be this much trouble, I would have fought my father much harder on this assignment,” with a sigh, she turned back towards the king, “regardless of whatever trivial matters, do we have an agreement?”

The king affirmed their deal and dismissed her, leaving himself and the odd couple in the room. “You have always had my blessing, but I want you to be sure.”

Mipha’s eyes lit up, “father… thank you! This will all have to wait until after we complete this bigger mission now. Once we defeat Calamity Ganon,” she clung to her Link’s arm, “then we shall be wed.”

Link had remained silent on the matter, but this would take a while. His confidence in the marriage and their relationship would increase, he reasoned, after their time working together. Still, marriage was a big step; something that he wanted to be sure of before getting into.

Muzu, on the other hand, was scowling the entire time. His pupil, Mipha, was now engaged to a Hylian boy. The very thought-! Still, the king’s word was law and he loved Mipha as if she was his own daughter. If she was happy, then he would support her, as much as he hated the idea of their marriage.

Now committed to pilot the Zora Divine Beast, Mipha joined with Zelda, bringing Link with her. “Where should we go next?” The young Zora girl asked. “I would prefer not to go anywhere hot, though I suppose that leaves very few options.”

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