“So the goal is to hit as many targets as you can,” Revali said, crossing his wings.

“But… they’re all in the air. How am I supposed to hit them?” Link tried to see as many of the targets as he could, but most were hidden behind rocks or down too low to be hit from where he was.

“I fail to see how that’s my problem. You were the one that accepted the challenge to face the greatest archer in the kingdom.” Revali’s stoic face was betrayed by a small, smug grin.

Link grimaced as he examined his options: if he bailed, Revali would call him a coward; if he tried and failed, Revali would lord it over him; if he succeeded… 

“You know what?” Revali said, interrupting his train of thought, “you seem to be at a loss, so please, allow me to go first.” His naturally-showy disposition was on display as he spread his wings, getting ready to begin. You never wanted to follow a great act, so he figured that by going first, he would throw Link off of his game.

Link watched as Revali jumped off the edge, and, by taking advantage of the updraft, began to speed around the targets. It appeared they were in a circle at different levels around the rocks, snaking through them as well. There were 9…14… about 17 targets altogether. As Revali landed, he clocked in his time.

“Ha! Amazing, aren’t I? You know, Link, there’s no shame in being in last place. Having someone at the bottom of the steps gives those in first something to look at from the top!” He sheathed his bow and sat down on a chair at the entrance to the ledge. “Well?”

As Revali impatiently tapped his talons, Link got an idea. Removing his shirt, he grabbed some bowstrings left to restring bows.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Revali asked, genuinely confused by the boy’s odd behavior.

Link took his shirt and cut it down the side, allowing him to make two halves connected by the middle. From there, he proceeded to sew around it until it was in a closed shape, almost like a parachute. After tying the remaining string around his waist, he grabbed his bow, turned towards Revali and winked. With a deep breath, Link jumped off of the ledge and let the air current bring him up high above the rocks, his parachute keeping him afloat. As he surveyed the targets, he noticed that there were in fact twenty. That means Revali had missed three!

As he descended, Link began to let loose the arrows, hitting the targets each one by one. As he continued to float downwards, he aimed for the targets at the lower level until he hit them all. There was one thing that Link hadn’t thought of, though. How was he supposed to get back? All the while, Revali and Mipha had been watching with baited breath. But as Link began to float further down, Mipha started to see the trouble. “Revali! Go help him!” Mipha said, panicking.

Wiping the small sense of worry from his face, Revali kicked back in the chair and closed his eyes, “why? He was the one that got himself into this mess. He should be able to get himself out of it!”

As Link continued falling, he looked around for anything that could help him get back up to the ledge. However, as soon as he tried to maneuver himself, he found that his contraption had left a lot to be desired in the area of mobility. “Uh… a little help?” Link said, now falling below the ledge.

“Revali!” Mipha cried out, pleading with him.

Standing up, Revali rolled his eyes, “ugh, fine. But he’ll owe me one.”

Revali dove down at an alarming speed before catching up to the young hero. Grabbing him with his talons, he hoisted him back up to the overlook and dropped him next to Mipha. “I guess we’ll call this one a draw.” Revali said before beginning to walk off.

“A draw? But I hit twenty of them and you only hit seventeen!” Link grabbed the Rito marksman by the shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

Revali turned his head slightly, “had I not saved you, I would have won. A good marksman always goes in with an entry plan and an exit plan. I had both and you only had the former. Your foolhardiness and failure to examine the full scope of the task could have gotten you killed. Honestly, it shouldn’t even be a draw, but I’m granting you that much.” Shrugging off the boy’s hand, he continued away.

Link looked on in disbelief as the haughty Rito left him. “What in Din’s name is wrong with him?” Link winced as he was hit from behind by Mipha, “hey, what was that-” he stopped when he turned around and saw tears streaming down her face.

“You could have died, you idiot!” She screamed at him, clearly upset by the ordeal. “I couldn’t even do anything!”

“Mipha, I-”

“No! Just shut up! What were you even thinking?”

“I wasn’t-”

“Well obviously.” Said a familiar voice. The pair turned to look and saw Zelda leaning against the wall. “I was almost out one incompetent royal guard, oh whatever would I have done?” The princess’s fake caring was obvious as she glared at him. “Come on, we’re going to see all of the Rito the Elder has chosen for us to pick from.”

Reluctantly, the trio left and went to meet with the elder. Zelda continued to be cold towards Link and Mipha was still quite shaken from Link’s risky move. The short travel to meet the Chieftain was an awkward and quiet one. When they arrived, they met four Rito: Namali, Koboli, Kenishi, and Quill. “These are some of our finest warriors and they would be honored to work with you.”

“But I’m a postman-” Koboli said, speaking up.

“And a fine one at that!” The elder remarked, laughing joyfully.

“Excuse me, Chieftain Kaneli…” A voice said from behind them.

They all turned to see a young, pink-colored Rito. She looked to be about Link’s age, but based on how old the other races lived to be, Link could never tell how old anyone was.

“Ah, yes, Saki! Come in.” Kaneli said, motioning to her.

Bowing, she rushed in and handed Kaneli a piece of paper. She turned to look at Link, and smiled, giving him a wink. Mipha noticed this and huffed audibly, but the Rito payed her no mind.

“Ah, excuse me, Princess Zelda, but it appears we’ll have to postpone this another time. It seems like a tribe of Moblins is approaching and we need to fortify our defences to take them out. It might be best if you leave and return another day.” Kaneli said, more worried than he let on.

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