“Link? Li-ink?” Mipha waved her hand in front of Link’s face. “Are you listening?” Mipha looked toward the direction that had Link captivated. A group of trees just on the edge of the woods. “I dont-”

“Is that a person?” Link mumbled to himself.

“Link!” Mipha blurted out grabbing the hero. “I don’t mean to be rude but you aren’t listening to me!”

Link was slightly startled. “Gah! I’m so sorry Mipha!” He blushed and pointed in the direction, “Look,  up at that tall tree…house?”

Mipha looked closer. There was a tall tree quite a way from where they stood. About halfway up the tree was a roughly built tree house, and above that, a tall outlook. It was here that Link noticed there was a person standing and looking out toward the world around them, complete with a small telescope held to their eyes.

“You’re right, there is someone there,” Mipha replied after peering toward the tree house.  “I wonder why they would want to live all the way out here so close to the woods? Living like a bird in a tree…”

Link shrugged off this question without an answer.  They continued on their way, getting closer to the tree house as they walked their makeshift path. They tried turning a blind eye to the strange person in the tree who was excitedly looking all directions and scribbling on a large piece of parchment paper.

It was only a few moments until this  strange being turned their telescope to stare directly at Link and Mipha.

“Oh! Helloooooo!” He called down to them and waved.

Link and Mipha stopped and looked up. It was a short man dressed in green clothes. He had a pointed green hat and a rosy face, his overall expression extremely cheerful and friendly as he rushed clumsily down his ladder toward them.

“You, sir! You look awfully familiar! Have we met?”

Stunned Link shook his head. “No, I don’t believe so.”

“Well! Tingle is the name!” The green clad man struck a pose. “I am a great cartographer who lives in this forest! That is what I do!” Here, his face grew a more somber. “But what I really want to do, what I wish so greatly, is to become like the fairies of the forest who lived here so long ago….oh those green clad fairies with their peaceful lives living in the forest…what I wouldn’t give-!” The man known as Tingle cleared his throat and composed himself once more. “Are you sure we haven’t met before?”

Link shook his head quickly. This, Tingle, was certainly a character. His fast talking, cheery attitude, mixed with his awkward demeanor made Link feel slightly embarrassed for him. Mipha over his shoulder was trying to stifle her laughter.

“It is not often Tingle has visitors. Where are you headed my friends?”

“Goron City.” Link answered, although he kind of wished he hadn’t.

“Oh! Tingle knows that way perfectly! Allow me, the great Tingle cartographer to assist you in your journey.” He bowed before them.

Mipha swallowed her laughter and looked at Link with a panicked expression.

“Uh, well…actually we are…” Link stammered.

Mipha dug her hand into Link’s side, keeping a polite expression. She certainly didn’t mind the strange man with his quirks, but she didn’t think having him along would make it easy for them. “We appreciate your offer er, Mr. Tingle but we are…”

“Pleased, I would imagine! It is not often I get to practice my trade for passersby!”

Mipha squeezed harder into Link’s side. “Link…I…well what do you think?”

How should Link and Mipha respond?

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