“Princess, I don’t think-“

“Shhh!” The Princess put a finger to her lips and shushed the Rito loudly. “We have to speak to the Goron Chief,” she said with a stern glance. “I am not leaving without an audience with him. I have a royal order to be here.”

Revali wanted to ask that if she had a royal order, why were they slinking above the southern mines at twilight and hiding from passing Goron? But instead he kept quiet and followed the Princess up the sweltering path they were climbing.

It was dinner time for the Goron Miners as the two crawled their way over boulders and steep ledges, doing their best to keep out of sight. The large volcano towered in the distance and it only grew hotter as they trekked closer toward the city.

Occasionally a rock tumbled down from the duo’s feet as they climbed; the Goron Miners hardly noticed as they simply added the extra rocks to their already large meal.

“Well, this is a lot easier than I thought it would be.” Revali mumbled to himself and wincing as he watched the Goron munching on the hard rocks. Being a proud Rito, he could have flown rather than climb this barbaric trek, and frankly he would have preferred doing so, but with Zelda’s temper as short as it was he decided to be polite and follow her in her stealthy climb.

They made their way past the Goron Miners without being spotted, the sun sinking behind the mountains and casting shadows perfect for hiding in. The decided to take a moment’s rest inside a large crevice, nicely hidden. Goron City was not too much further, from their high place they could see into the valley where the rocky city set inside various pools of lava.

Zelda wiped her sweaty forehead, huffing and puffing as she gazed tiredly down into the glowing city. She wasn’t even sure what she was going to say once she got to the Goron Chief. Certainly she would have to come up with a reason for sneaking into the city, but that problem paled in comparison to the bigger problem they were facing; The Calamity.

“Alright,” Zelda said a few impatient moments later, picking herself up off the large rock they were perched on. “Time to continue on.” Revali sighed to himself and followed behind, concentrating more on getting the dust out of his arm feathers than where they were heading.

Suddenly Zelda stopped short. Revali barely noticed as he ran right into her almost knocking the poor princess of the ledge.

“Gah! Princess!,” Revali, embarrassed steadied himself and the Princess. He quickly composed himself. ” My apologies, I-”

But Zelda wasn’t paying attention. She was as still as a statue, looking grimly toward the bottom of the cliff they were standing on. Revali followed her gaze and was taken aback at the sight. Just below the path of the city was a crudely built tower made of mismatched materials and discarded boards centered inside a makeshift campsite. Moblins, bokoblin, even a few lizalfos were standing watch with bows and swords at the ready for anything. They growled, happily dancing around their campfires and eating their own disgusting dinner.

Zelda took a step back. “No, no, Revali, look.”

Revali nodded. “It looks as if they have been out here for days. They have the entrance to the city blocked. That is why the Goron have been refusing access to their city. Why didn’t they just say they were  blockaded by enemies? The stubborn things…” Revali looked at the Princess in disbelief and aggravation.

Zelda looked closer studying the sight. Goron weapons littered the ground, boulders and large rocks looking as if they were thrown to no avail.

“It looks like they have tried to rid them.” Zelda replied, stepping back. “Lets…let’s just keep going forward to the city. We are taking the back way after all…”

 Her voice trailed off as she began her climb yet again, not wanting to think about the many enemies that were stationed there.

“Come on Revali!” Zelda turned and whispered.

Revali was now the one frozen still for the moment. “Wait,” he said, “listen!”

Zelda rolled her eyes as she climbed back down toward the Rito. “What? We have to-”

Revali silenced her with a wave of his wing. Zelda turned her head and listened closely. There was a dull roar, getting louder by the second. The duo searched frantically toward the source as it continued to grow.

Finally they spotted it, coming down the mountainside and tumbling toward the campsite was a small group of Goron, Daruk at the lead.

“Alright! Let’s knock these beasts out once and for all!” Daruk’s beaming voice rang through the mountains as the Gorons descended upon the campsite. The enemies brandished their weapons excitedly as they met the raging Goron halfway.

“No, no no no! They can’t do that! They’re outnumbered!” Zelda watched, feeling helpless. There were only a tiny group of Goron following Daruk, most likely the last ones they had left to fight.  Zelda shocked herself by thinking: I wish Link was here.

“Princess!” Revali interrupted her thoughts.  “We need to help them!” Revali said sternly. He pulled his bow, ready to leap into action.

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