It definitely was not the safest route. The thorny thicket was scattered around, cutting through, around, and over the path, leaving little room for maneuvering. It seemed almost as if the foliage was alive as it appeared to move in the fog. The area itself was definitely not a welcoming one, the thorns growing thicker as the pair progressed deeper. There seemed to be no end in sight, but Link spotted a sign that said “Forbidden Woods Entry.” It was rather ominous, encased in vines as well. There appeared to be no other branching paths, so the pair continued on.

“Remember what I told you? Dangerous,” the Korok said, beginning to shiver. His body jingled playfully, contradicting his fear. He clung to Link as they walked along the path until they entered a large opening. “Hm… This is odd,” the little forest child said, hopping down off of Link. The area appeared to be a large, hollowed-out tree trunk, the walls showing their age. In the middle of a room was a flower that seemed to glow, though there was no light entering the room. “Usually, we must be wary of the monster known as Kalle Demos, but the only thing here is this harmless flower!” The Korok waddled over to the flower and tapped it with his wooden arm. Suddenly, the ground shook and a large maw broke through the ground, snatching up the Korok and swallowing him.

Link drew his sword, ready for action. The beast – Kalle Demos – readied itself for battle. But then, the ground beneath them creaked. By breaking through the old, rotten wood, the monster had inadvertently broken the flooring. Thinking quickly, it latched it purple vines onto the ceiling and clung there. Link, on the other hand, ran for the wall and dug his hands into the malleable, decayed wood. Now, the two of them faced off, suspended in the air. Not only was this monster blocking the exit on the other side, it held the Korok within its stomach.

There were not a lot of options for the Hylian warrior; there was no way he could stay connected to the wall for much longer. He needed to think outside of the box. Holding on with one hand, he drew his sword from its sheathe on his back. He gripped the hilt – the one that his own father once held. Praying to the goddess Hylia, he drew a breath. “Forgive me, father.” With a swift motion, he threw the metallic blade like a spear and it pierced the monster’s abdomen, causing a green liquid to spill out, along with the Korok. Projecting off the wall with both hands, he flew threw the air, under Kalle Demos. While the creature was screeching from its wound and distracted, Link grabbed the falling Korok and dove through the opening on the other side. With a thud, Link landed on the ground, head first, protecting the forest child from the fall. The impact caused Link to lose consciousness, the Korok panicking as his protector blacked out in front of him.

Link woke up in a small, uncomfortable, wooden bed. All around him were curious Koroks, their hollow-looking eyes staring at him. The Hylian leaned up and rubbed his head, a bandage around it. “What happened?” He asked, causing the Koroks to disperse in fear, having never seen one such as Link before. After the Koroks left, only one remained.

“You gave us quite the scare,” the little one said. “My name is Makar. You remind me of someone, you know. Someone who protected me from that same beast some time ago. I suppose some things never change,” Makar said, shaking his body. “The Great Deku Tree wishes to see you. This way.”

Link had not had that much time to rest before he was up again. Walking out of the small, tree-hut, he was greeted to a vast, wooded area, light streaming in through the leaves and branches in the canopy above. His eyes followed the tree to its source and that is when he laid his eyes on the large tree in the center of the forest.

“Welcome to the Kokiri Forest, young man,” the old tree said with a deep voice. Link was taken aback at the booming sound coming from the tree. He had always heard rumors of such a being, but no one had ever seen it before. “Do not let my old appearance fool you; I am actually quite spry for my age. I am the Great Deku Tree, but let us not worry about formalities. The object you are looking for resides before you, on the pedestal where it has sat for centuries. Be warned, though. He who removes the sword from the stone will have a great responsibility laid upon his shoulders.”

Link nodded, slowly turning towards the blue-hilted sword. So this was the legendary Sword of Evil’s Bane. “Link…” He felt like a jolt had just been sent down his spine, electrocuting his mind. A voice resounded in his head, but it seemed to be coming from within instead of without. “Link… You must draw me. Only with me can you defeat Ganon.” The voice appeared young and feminine, but analytical and somewhat robotic. However, it felt familiar and calming. He was not worried, though he felt like he should have been. With a strange resolve, he approached the sword. Planting his feet, he gripped the hilt with both hands. Power surged through him as he began to pull it from its ancient home, light pouring and spilling from the hole in the rock. With a deep breath, he gave it one, large tug and it broke free, an almost-angelic light surrounding the metallic blade.

“It is so nice to be free once more,” said a calm voice from behind him. He turned around and saw a floating, blue girl next to him. Her body was reflective and glossy and her eyes seemed more for show than for a practical purpose. “You may call me Fi. It is spelled how it is pronounced and pronounced how it is spelled. We have much to discuss.”

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