An awkward silence had fallen  over the group. Link finally broke it by saying,  “Let’s just start moving toward Goron City,” trying to keep his voice even and polite.

Zelda, still a few feet away took a deep breath. Walking back to the group she announced. “Yes, we need to pick the next champion and then make our way to Gerudo Town.” Everyone else agreed, remembering the bigger task at hand. They still had a lot to do.  After gathering their things they started toward their new destination.

The morning was cool as the group started their travels, however the closer they got to the Eldin Region, the temperature increased ever so slightly.  Link noticed Zelda was quiet as they rode along. She seemed more somber as if she might be feeling down, like when she was lost in thought about the Moblin attack in Rito Village.

Link was at a loss. He couldn’t figure out the moody Princess. Although he regretted his verbal outburst on Zelda, he wasn’t willing to apologize. There wasn’t anything he said that wasn’t true. He did wish he wouldn’t have made himself look so rude in front of Mipha and Revali though.

A few hours later, with the afternoon sun creeping up overhead, the group decided to rest at the cozy Foothill Stable, sitting just below the mountain.

“Hello there, your majesty!” The Stable owner greeted as they approached. “We are honored to have you visit with us today! What can I do for you?”

Zelda’s Princess composure was back in full force as she chatted politely with the owner. Revali rested his wings, perching on the top of tall tent. Link and Mipha hopped off their horses, leaving the Princess to deal with the stable owner herself.

Mipha wiped her sweaty forehead as the couple went inside the cool, although strangely crowded, tent. Link looked around confused. Stables like this one were usually peaceful and with few travelers.  There were people gossiping in loud voices, the dull roar making it impossible to hear anything being said.

Mipha left Link’s side for a moment to talk to the merchant and returned a few moments later, looking satisfied. She happily showed Link her bounty of goods that included an abundance of fireproof elixirs, extra for the Zora Princess.

“I hope you are not planning to go up the path to the mountain,” a snarky sounding traveler commented, noticing the couple.

“Yes,” Link said standing straight.  “We are going to Goron City, to accompany the Princess Zelda on errand of the King.”

The traveler snorted. “Good luck.”

Link shot a hard look at the traveler. Putting an arm around Mipha, Link lead their way outside.

“Quite rude,” Mipha mumbled to the now vexed Hylian. 

“Yeah,” Link nodded his agreement. Everyone in there seemed annoyed and angry about something. 

“Link!” Zelda met the two as they rounded the corner toward the princess. She was obviously displeased. “I have been told there is a problem. The path up the mountain is off limits due to attacks.” Zelda sighed. “We keep running into problems like this.”

Link was surprised, he could sense a rare vibe of unease from the Princess. Revali had flown a little ways ahead scoping out the problem for himself.  He returned, landing lightly beside the group with his signature gust of wind.  

“The Gorons have completely blocked off the path to their City. Giant rocks are blocking the entrance up the mountain and they have a Goron standing guard. No one has been allowed entry. No travelers, merchants, no one.”

“They should allow us in.” The Princess said. “We have order from the King.”  Link wondered if he was just imagining the slight uncertainty in her voice.

“You can tell them that,” Link replied. “If it’s an order of the King, they have to obey.” 

“But you know how stubborn Gorons can be,” Revali muttered, crossing his arms. “They might not let anyone in if it means risking the safety of their kind.”

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