The awkward tension could be cut with a knife, its presence palpable in the very air surrounding the group. No one spoke as they rode their horses, Revali flying, to their next destination. Zelda couldn’t help but note the disunity between the two champions already. Though, she knew the source of it was her less-than-enthused royal guard. He seemed to be in the middle of all of the strife and, if it was going to further cause problems, then she would have to take matters into her own hands.

Thunder could be heard in the distance as dark clouds slowly began to roll in. They wouldn’t have time to find a town to get to, stuck in the Lanayru Wetlands as they were. “Let us find a suitable place to camp out for the night,” Zelda proposed, catching the attention of the otherwise-silent group.

Revali nodded and began to fly ahead, “I’ll see if I can find an alcove or something that will provide enough cover. The last thing we want is to get sick due to rain.”

“I won’t!” Mipha spoke up, immediately regretting her words, “I mean, Zora, we, uh- since we live in the water and all…”

“Uh huh.” Zelda nodded, narrowing her eyes slightly. Ignoring the outburst, she waved Revali on and he set out further. “Link, you go hunt us some food. Fruit, vegetables, meat, anything you can find, just make yourself useful for once.”

Begrudgingly, Link broke away from the group to find food. Now, it was just Mipha and Zelda. They weren’t exactly the best fighters in the group; in fact, they weren’t fighters at all. Mipha silently hoped that nothing would attack them, not wanting to voice her opinion and question the Princess’s decisions and skills. Luckily, the incoming storm had caused the multitude of creatures to hide away, not wanting to get caught in the torrent and lightning.

“Princess, if you don’t mind me asking,” Mipha spoke up, breaking the renewed quiet, “why do you hate Link?”

Zelda was a bit taken aback at the Zora’s brashness, stopping in her tracks. “It’s- Listen, my mission is to find the Champions to pilot the Divine Beasts. I do not have time for distractions, nor do I have time for him to make them.” Mipha stopped a bit ahead of Zelda and turned around to listen, “That’s all he is to everyone so far: a distraction. Instead of focussing on the mission, you’re fawning over him and Revali is concerned with besting him. Do you think Calamity Ganon cares who you love or who can shoot a bow best? No! He’ll murder you and anything in his path. His malice plays no favorites.”

Zelda continued past Mipha, having just wrought upon her all of the Hylian’s anger and frustrations. Tears welled up in Mipha’s eyes, but try as she might, she couldn’t find a flaw in Zelda’s reasoning. They were at war and right now, both her and Revali were focussed on the wrong things.

As rain began to sprinkle down from the sky, Revali finally returned. “I have already alerted Link of where we will be; follow me.”

The two princesses tailed the Rito as he led them to an outcropping of stone that served as a sort of roof on Linebeck Island. It was no cave, but it would suffice for the night. Link soon joined them, bringing a cacophony of food along with some wood to start the fire. Setting it all down, he went to work at building the fire. Once it was put together, he turned towards Zelda, “okay Princess, go ahead.”

Zelda blinked at him, confused. “What is it that you expect me to do here?”

“Well, use your magic to start the fire. Something like Din’s Flame should keep going throughout the night without us having to check on it. If I had the proper spells, I could do it, but I know that those with royal lineage are able to channel the powers of the goddesses. So, go on.” Link nodded as everyone looked at Zelda expectantly.

The princess froze, her face turning bright red. She couldn’t let on that she couldn’t channel her magic, much less start a simple fire. “I would, but then what would you be learning?” She said, regaining her composure. “After all, as my knight, are you not supposed to provide for me?”

Link rolled his eyes, grabbing two sticks, “fine, your majesty. Is there anything else I may do for you? Draw you a bath? Sew you a gown?” Revali couldn’t help but give a chuckle at the young knight’s attitude in response to Zelda. Link’s head was down, focussed on starting the fire, but Mipha noticed the shocked look on Zelda’s face. No one had ever dared talk to her like that before and she was at a loss for words.

As night fell, the party quietly dispersed around their little camp. The rain had stopped, leaving the grass around them moist and glistening in the moonlight. Zelda had wandered over to the edge of the island, staring out over the calm body of water as the moon reflected off of it. Revali sat on top of the rock, either keeping watch or brooding–Link couldn’t figure out which. Mipha had sat down in front of the fire, tending to her spear and sharpening it.

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