I know what you’re thinking. I mean I don’t, but I like cliche idioms. But if you are thinking what I am thinking, then you’re thinking how crazy this sounds. Trust me. It’s crazier. At a recent staff meeting, my fellow writer Molly and I wanted to give this whole shindig a go. Apparently, in a time long forgotten, there was a Fan Fiction Friday (FFF) on Zelda Informer. I’m not really sure about how it used to be, but we’re doing our own thing!

This post is to gain interest and to figure some things out. Currently, Molly and I are not sure what the core focus of FFF should be. That’s where you guys come in! After all, we’re doing this for the readers; if you guys don’t like it, then it’s all for naught. Now, there are three different ways that this could work and based off of the results from you guys, we’ll create another post next Friday accordingly.

  1. A long-running, concurrent story. This would involve Molly and I working on and crafting our own Fan Fiction, putting up an installment each week. We could decide for ourselves what to write, or we could get some input from you guys. We could go crazy with this. It could even be some sort of story where you, the readers, decide what happens next. It’d be like a community “Choose Your Own Adventure” game involving The Legend of Zelda. Of
  2. Molly and I alternate writing or team up to write a short story each week. They don’t have a connection and are just small stories about The Legend of Zelda (or sometimes the Zelda Informer staff) for your reading pleasure.
  3. Fan Submissions. This would be a rather arduous process, but we could do it. Each week, we’d have a prompt and you guys would submit a short story. Molly and I would choose which one wins based on a criteria we would come up with and we would post it on the site. Of course, there would be a rating limit. Preferably PG-13 at the highest. This is supposed to be a family, friendly site after all.

Please vote in the poll below to let us know which you like best and leave comments so that we can have your input!
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