Accepting the role as the Gerudo Champion had been a grand task. I spent much of my spare time learning the “ins and outs” of my Divine Beast, Vah Naboris. In an odd way we had formed a bond, and I awaited the day where I could pilot my beast and destroy Ganon for good! Over the next few months, Zelda showed me her research regarding the beasts, and she was now accompanied by a handsome young knight. He spoke very little except to tell me his name; Link. When the princess and the knight were together, they often seemed at odds with each other. I found their lover’s quarrel amusing, but the princess assured me that there were no feelings between them. 

It was a blazing Gerudo Desert day when Zelda walked into the throne room and requested to visit for a while. I was shocked at her sudden appearance, but happy all the same. We spent time wandering through the shops in town, she admired my sand seals, and then slipped away before the sun went down. 

“Lady Urbosa, a young voe requests to meet with you at the gate,” one of the palace guards said, as I made my way back into the throne room after Zelda left.

“Ah, now I understand what’s going on…” 

“Excuse me, My Lady?” the guard responded.

I laughed, “Do not mind me. Is this handsome voe at the main entrance?”

The guard nodded and I headed off. The lights around town had been lit and shop keepers were beginning to close up for the night. I stepped through the city gates and saw Link pacing back and forth, sword in hand. 

“My, my, I sure hope that you don’t plan on taking on my warriors at this hour,” I chuckled. Link sheathed his sword and stopped pacing. He looked worried, but also a little irritated.

“The princess has been exploiting your law to slip by without me as her guard…” Link said, flustered.

Of course she had. When Zelda spoke, she complained about her new appointed knight and how it irritated her beyond belief that she had to constantly be watched. She also spoke of the Sword that Seals the Darkness and how Link’s possession of it weighed heavily on her mind. All this young man wanted to do was his job. I looked at him closely. He had handsome features, fierce blue eyes, and blonde hair that any Hylian woman may be envious of. He could make it work. 

“Come with me young man, I may be able to get you in to my fair city after all.” I patted his shoulder and urged him to follow me towards the Southern Oasis. He followed reluctantly. I couldn’t help but grin at what I was able to help him do. 

Link’s attempt to get into Gerudo Town was flawless. He passed for a vai easily with his small build and fair skin. Unfortunately for him, Zelda had given him the slip long after he entered the city. I promised to inform him if I saw the princess again, and I urged him to head home. Link insisted on returning the outfit I loaned him, but I told him to keep it as a gift from me. After more urging, Link turned tail and headed home.

My dear friend, if only you could see this hard headed boy who is taking care of your daughter. I know my approval means very little to you and King Rhoam, but I approve of this young man. He just may well be the best thing for our little bird.

The days spent with Naboris were always good days. I could send my fury throughout its belly and the beast would roar in approval. One day soon, we would take aim at Calamity Ganon and it would be a delicious moment. I loved spending my time with Zelda when she came to research Naboris as well. Her curious mind babbled on a mile a minute, as she examined the beast. She asked me many questions and wrote down the answers in a field journal that she carried with her. One day, she showed me a strange device called a Sheikah Slate. It contained images of the many places that she had visited and information about the other Divine Beasts. I’d had a few chances to meet the other Champions and was glad that such a variety of people were surrounding our princess in support. 

“Is there a way to get up to the top? I’d love to look around the desert and watch the sun set,” Zelda asked in a giddy voice. 

“Of course, it’s not too hard to get up there,” I replied, leading the way.

Zelda’s green eyes darted back and forth, watching the inner workings of Naboris’ belly. She was amazed at it’s movements and how we arrived to one of the open air balconies. “What an amazing creature!” she exclaimed. “Oh! Did you plan for us to be up here?” Zelda gestured to the decorative pillows and blankets strewn about the balcony. 

“Yes, and no. I do like to spend some quiet evenings up here so I’ve brought a few things of my own. I also knew that you were coming today for research so I brought a few extra. Sit, relax for a while.” I sat down and patted a spot on the silk blanket next to me. 

“Urbosa, you’ve always been so kind to me,” Zelda smiled, leaning her head against my shoulder. “You’ve been much more than a friend to me; you’ve been like the mother figure that I have been missing much of my life.”

“You honor me, my little bird. Your mother was a very dear friend of mine, and I miss her too. She would be very proud of the young woman you have become today.” 

“If only I could harness this power…” Zelda said in frustration.

“As I have told you before, your time will come. Give yourself time.” I stroked her golden locks, “Let’s not discuss the difficult matters, for now let’s enjoy a beautiful Gerudo sunset, hmm?”

Zelda looked up at me and smiled that wonderful smile that I had been enjoying all afternoon. “I would like that very much.”

After the sun had set, I sent word for Link. Poor Zelda had exhausted herself and drifted off to sleep. It was much too cool for her to sleep out among the stars, and I knew that Link would be worried if she was gone for too long. He arrived much quicker than I expected him to, but I was not surprised given that he was the knight appointed to the princess. 

“She was out surveying Naboris all day. Still as the sands now.” I glanced up over the top of Zelda’s head, “ So…? Spill it, boy. Have the two of you been getting along all right?”

Link drooped his head, and his silence was enough of an answer for me.

“It’s okay, no need to answer. She gets frustrated every time she looks up and sees you carrying that sword on your back. It makes her feel like a failure when it comes to her own destiny.”

Link’s eyes carried his response as if he were shocked to hear these words.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like you carry any blame in all of this.” I gazed down at the sleeping princess again, “It’s unfortunate. She’s put in more than enough time. Ever since she was a young girl, she has gone through rigorous daily routines to show her dedication. When she was but a young child she passed out in the freezing waters of the Spring of Wisdom as she was trying to access this sealing power. And she has nothing to show for it…”

I heard no response from Link as I spoke, but I could only imagine that he was listening attentively to what I was saying. I continued, “That’s the motivation driving her research. I’d be doing the same thing.” I brushed a loose stand out of her face, “She really is quite special. You be sure to protect her with you life. It’s quite the honor.” I had no doubt that Link would, but I was saying those words for my assurance because Hylia knows how much I care for Zelda. 

“The Gerudo night’s bring quite a chill, it’s probably about time that we take her in. Or…” I grinned and snapped my fingers together. A crash of lightning struck outside of Naboris. The beast rumbled beneath us, startling Zelda awake, and sending Link to his knee.

“Urbosa! What was that?!” Zelda exclaimed with a started gasp. “Did you feel that?” She then turned and caught sight of Link. “Wait — how did you? What are you doing here?”

I began to laugh, I couldn’t help but chuckle at Zelda’s surprised confusion at the situation. The poor child looked around more and finally accepted that she was out of the loop. I smiled as the princess grilled Link with more questions of how he arrived. I had not laughed quite so hard in many years. I would cherish the feelings, always.

My time at Hyrule Castle had become more frequent and I feared that the worst was about to come. Soon, we would all accompany Zelda as she trained at the Spring of Wisdom once again. I wished that I was the one escorting her, but Link would be her guide. During my recent time at the castle, I had noticed Zelda smiling more. She smiled even when talking with Link. It seemed that the two of them had learned to get along. I hoped that their bond would have a positive impact on her training. Time was running out. My concern grew with every monster attack reported. The beasts had grown rampant. Calamity Ganon’s power must have been growing stronger. All I could do was pray that Zelda had enough time. My little bird, I prayed that she would grow her wings and fly like the daughters of Hyrule before her. In my years of watching Zelda growm I had grown further and further away from the Goddess. I no longer prayed to Hylia, but to my dear friend.

My dearest friend, our time is almost up, bless our little bird, and bless our efforts against this coming evil.


Heather Beard is a writer for Zelda Dungeon. She’s a (crazy) cat lady with a passion for Zelda lore, and really cheesy pizza. You can follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter!

Cover Artwork is created by Heather Beard

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