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Chapter Nine

Link’s mind began to race. The mere mention of the Master Sword stirred something within him. He couldn’t quite determine how to describe the sensation, only that it felt as though a dormant part of him was beginning to awaken. Rukio stepped in front of Link and placed a hand on his shoulder. It was heavier than Link had anticipated, and he shifted in the other direction to counter-balance the added weight on his left side.

“I knew there was somethin’ special about you brother,” Rukio began. “I could just tell from the moment we met that you were bound to be someone real important. And it looks like I was right!” He gave a hearty chuckle that reverberated through Link’s body. “Just so ya know, this doesn’t change nothin’ with me. I’m gonna stick with ya through thick and thin. We’re gonna go find those other fairies and we’re gonna get you that magic sword!”

“Master Sword,” Link corrected him.

“Right! Master Sword!”

Link looked to Darunia and she smiled tenderly at him.

“What is it child? You look bewildered.”

“It’s just… it’s a lot,” he said as he looked down at his feet. “I’m just the grandson of a blacksmith. I’m not exactly a hero. I think you’re mistaken.”

“Link, my dear boy,” Darunia said as she placed a hand on his cheek, “you are every bit a hero. The courage within your heart drove you to face insurmountable odds in your quest thus far to mend the damage done to Hyrule Castle did it not? It gave you the strength you needed to fight alongside young Rukio here, and release me from captivity yes? These are not trifles. These are the works of one that belongs to the bloodline of the legendary hero.”

“I don’t know anything about any legendary heroes,” Link said, having composed himself a bit more. He began to feel a sense of determination fill him from within the well of his being. “If what you’re saying is true, I’d like to know more about them.”

“Of course,” she said as she began to raise her arms. She extended her fingers outward as far as they could reach, and faced the palms of her hands upward. A shimmering glow began to form between them, growing wider and more dense as the seconds passed. Shapes began to fill the space within, as though the three onlookers were looking at a picture book. A desolate landscape came into view, its trees dead and its soil parched.

“Eons ago, this land was nothing more than a husk,” Darunia began. “There was no place for life within this realm. Scathing winds and searing heat rendered it uninhabitable — barren. It was place devoid of light, of meaning, of purpose. Thus had it been in this state for centuries. That is,” she said as she began to weave her arms through the golden mist, “until the Goddesses came.” Within the golden space came three distinct beams of light from opposite directions: green, red, and blue. “The Goddesses, taking pity upon such a world graced it with their love and affection.” The red line appeared once more, this time more prominent, and it gave off several wavelengths that covered the ground in the vision. “Din,” she began, “the Goddess of Power. She took this land within her arms and cultivated it. It became fertile and full of promise. Din, who would become known as ‘Earth Maiden’ in some tongues blessed the world, and laid the foundation for the work that her sisters would carry out in turn.” A second light appeared, it’s green hue reflected fiercely in Link’s eyes. He felt a gentle warmth as he watched it cease its flight to hover over the land. “Farore, the ‘Life Maiden’ with her wondrous ardor, filled the now rich soil with the seeds of existence.” Link watched as an emerald sea began to cover the entirety of the world, stopping only to form what appeared to be rivers, oceans, and mountains. He looked in awe at the topographical representation of Hyrule. His attention was taken by a final, vivid blue light. It raced around the now fully-formed globe, traces of itself remaining for several seconds before dissipating behind it as it went. “Nayru would have this world filled with those that be righteous in their endeavors.” Small blue silhouettes of varying shapes and sizes began to dot the land. “Our benevolent ‘Life Maiden’ created us, that we might thrive and rejoice in the gift of life that was given to us.” Link watched as the three lights returned, racing toward each other until they coalesced in the skies above. A bright flash of light ensued, and what remained was a set of golden, triangular shapes spinning in place.

“The Triforce,” Link said without realizing it. He had heard the legends of creation throughout the span of his life, but never in such a manner as this.

“Indeed,” Darunia said. “The Triforce is the enduring symbol of our Goddesses’ love and the final gift that they imparted unto us before their ascent into the heavens beyond. As you no doubt know young Link, the Triforce can grant any wish within the heart of the one that wields it.”

“Any wish at all?” Rukio asked, his mouth wide in amazement.

“Yes,” Darunia said. “And should one with a pure, virtuous heart make a wish, the land will be afforded peace and prosperity.”

“And what if it isn’t?” Rukio asked, his expression becoming sullen.

She waved her hands reluctantly, and a red mist began to pervade the world hovering gently in front of them. Lightning storms followed, and screams of anguish began to ring out as the denizens of the world brought about by Farore were killed one after another by beasts wreathed in shadow.

“If one with a heart that is filled with evil were to make a wish on the Triforce, the land would be thrust into darkness, and those that inhabit it would be at the mercy of their malevolent whims.” A cloud of darkness had begun to form in front of them, growing larger and larger until it began to take shape. Within moments the shadow of what appeared to be a porcine demon wielding a trident howled with laughter as it began its onslaught against the people of the world.

“Is that Ganondorf?” Link asked, his eyes narrowed.

“In times past that is indeed a form he has undertaken, a perversion of himself instigated by his lust for power. Ganondorf’s hatred has persisted across time and space, seeking total dominion over Hyrule and the destruction of those that would call themselves ancestors of the Legendary hero that felled him in the first age. You see Link, your forefathers have been responsible for thwarting his endeavors since time immemorial, and it now falls to you to take up the mantle.”

“Is it possible to defeat him entirely?” Link asked.

“Attempts have certainly been made,” she said as she pressed her hands together. “However, Ganondorf is the physical embodiment of the Triforce of Power, and thus, his destruction seems nigh impossible. His reincarnation has been beyond plentiful.”

“He embodies the Triforce of Power?” came the booming voice of Biggoron behind them. Link had almost forgotten about his gigantic friend in the midst of the display Darunia had provided them.

“Yes, just as Link is the embodiment of the Triforce of Courage.”

Link’s heart skipped a beat. The revelation that he belonged to a sacred bloodline was shocking enough, but to learn that he was a manifestation of the Goddess’s power was difficult to ascertain.

“So,” Rukio began, “if this Ganondorf guy represents the Triforce of Power, and Link represents the Triforce of Courage, then…” he began to count on his fingers and after a moment he raised two upright, “that’s only two. We need one more. Who’s the last one?”

“The Princess of the royal family of Hyrule has been the keeper of the Triforce of Courage. I suspect that the same holds true now.”

“Zelda?!” Link exclaimed.

Darunia nodded.

“You told me the Princess wasn’t at the castle right?” Rukio asked Link.

“Right,” Link said. “I looked all over but couldn’t find her. I’d like to believe she’s alright but who knows with how things are now.”

“Take heart. The princesses of the royal family have proven themselves to be quite resourceful throughout the generations. I’m sure she’s quite safe, though Ganondorf will no doubt hunt her as his campaign nears its end. Which is why you must hurry and find my sisters. Receive their blessing as I will now give you and draw forth the sword of your destiny to strike him down!” Darunia elevated herself above Link and Rukio, and extended her arms outward at her sides. Eyes closed, she brought her hands together, and a red light began to radiate from within her. She reached out toward Link, and the light began to flow toward him slowly. Rukio took several steps back, but Link remained steadfast. When it reached him, the light began to trace around Link in a circular motion before burying itself within his chest. When the ritual had concluded, Darunia flitted back downward.

“You said the other two are in the Gerudo Desert and Zora’s Domain?” Link asked as he slowly rubbed his chest at the point in which the light had entered his body.

“Correct. My sister Nabooru lies within the desert, while Ruto lays claim to the rivers that the Zora call home.”

“Sounds like you two are gonna hafta get goin’ pretty quick,” Biggoron said. “Promise you’ll come back and visit sometime? I haven’t had this much fun in a really long time you guys!”

“Gonna take a long time gettin’ back to the surface,” Rukio said as he examined the improved Evelyn once more.

“I believe I can help in that regard,” Darunia said. She closed her eyes and clasped her hands together in a prayer-like manner. Link and Rukio began to rise from the ground. The young Goron cried out in protest, but Link, now filled with newfound confidence and purpose focused on Darunia.

“May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce,” she said as a flash of light filled the cavern.

When it had subsided, Link and Rukio found themselves outside of the Goron elder’s house. Epona reared back, clearly startled by the arrival of the two companions. Link went forward to calm her. After several moments she began nuzzling Link’s shoulder.

“I missed you too,” he said as he took her head in both hands and rubbed his face to hers.

“So,” Rukio said, interrupting the reunion. “Which one are we headed to first? They’re both about the same distance from here so I’ll leave it up to you brother.”

“It might not be bad to learn more about the Gerudo tribe and where Ganondorf came from,” Link said. “Let’s rest up a bit and then we’ll head to the desert. How bad can it be right?”


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