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Chapter Eight

Link looked back at the still, prone body of Rukio. He knew that the most pertinent course of action at this time was rousing her from the state of unconsciousness that she was in the thralls of. He knew that Rukio would agree, but he still felt a pang of guilt as he began to lift her limp body from the pool.

“Hang on Rukio,” Link said as he began making his way toward the entryway. “I’ll be right back, I promise.”

The young Goron did not stir. Link walked, his legs feeling as though they were made of solid lead, the fight with the horse-headed knight taking its toll on him. He expected a degree of resistance that he was sure would be his downfall as he continued down the corridor, but no such hindrance came. In fact, the corridor itself seemed to be a bit brighter than it had been on their way in. He felt ebbs of rejuvenation throughout his body and found that his gait was steadily becoming faster and steadier. Was this the power of the Great Fairy? He looked down at her, and noticed that her breathing was still labored.

As he descended the stairs outside the temple, he caught sight of Biggoron picking through scraps of what appeared to be mottled clothing and ramshackle weaponry.

“Link!” he exclaimed in an excited tone. “It was the craziest thing my little friend! I was fighting these Stalfos when all of a sudden there was this booming energy that filled this place right up, and then they just all fell apart! See? No bones left!” He noticed the form Link was carrying as he approached. “Oh no… Darunia…” Link kneeled and laid her body on the ground carefully. The big Goron drew closer and used a massive finger to begin gently nudging her shoulder in an effort to wake her up. “Darunia, c’mon now. You gotta wake up,” he said, his voice trembling. “Now, these guys—”, he stopped and looked up at Link. “Wh-where’s the little Goron? Where’s Rukio?” Link looked up at him solemnly. The large Goron began to well up, tears collecting on his lower eyelid. “Aw c’mon,” he said, trying to keep his voice from breaking, “I can’t lose two friends in one day! I only have three!”

Large drops of water began to pelt the ground near Link as the Goron could hold back his state of being no longer. Loud, plaintive wails erupted through the cavern as he slowly flailed about. Link could do nothing but remain on his knees in defeat and was close to joining in the melancholic display himself. He was given a surprise however when one of Biggoron’s tears fell on top of he and the Great Fairy. In that second, she burst to life, her lungs searching for air desperately, her eyes wide open. Link couldn’t believe it. He held her up and did what he could to dry her off as best as he could.

“DARUNIA!” Biggoron yelled, leaning down to pick both she and Link up in his mighty hands. He held them aloft in front of his beaming face. “You’re alive! Oh, I thought for sure that I’d lost you!” He began to well up again, and Darunia, having seen the beginnings of another round of tears raised a hand to him and smiled.

“I am quite alive, my guardian. There is no longer any need for tears.” She looked back at Link who had resumed his earlier, stoic visage. He continued to see the motionless body of his friend in his mind, and looked downward at the wrinkles in Biggoron’s palm. “I believe you are owed a kindness for what you have accomplished this day,” she said placing her hand on his cheek. She looked toward the temple and closed her eyes.

Link turned and began to look in the same direction. Several moments passed without any visible changes, and then Link spotted a figure emerge at the top of the temple stairway. Bare feet plodded slowly on each step until Rukio was fully visible. He gave a wide smile and Link leapt from Biggoron’s hand to meet his friend. They shared an embrace and celebratory conversation of their exploits, before Darunia, having flitted down from Biggoron’s hands as well to congregate with the two companions.

“Brave Rukio,” Darunia began. “I fear I can not fully express the gratitude I feel that you would both risk your life to relieve me of the curse that fell upon me. Perhaps I can begin by returning something that was lost to you.” She gazed inward at the temple once more, and the shattered remains of Evelyn, the mighty club, floated out to their location. They hovered about, and then began to spin, the smaller pieces orbiting the larger remains before a flash of light consumed them. When it had passed, a wondrous weapon remained. The club had been reforged as a crimson, dense metal, with golden embellishments that circulated around its surface. Rukio, marveling at the weapon, reached out and took it and began to examine it from end to end.

“Hey, this is… this is the Goron language!” he exclaimed, tracing a finger along some of the golden figures that were depicted.

“What does it say?” Link asked, still coming down from his elation at seeing Rukio alive and well.

“My dear Rukio,” he began, “may I protect you as only a mother can.” He looked up at Darunia, flabbergasted. “But—but how did she know about… did you tell her about why I named it Evelyn?” Link shook his head. Rukio held the club in both hands before looking at Link. “Hold this,” he said, promptly thrusting it into the Hylian’s unprepared grasp. Rukio wrapped both arms around Darunia and lifted her as high as he could. “I LOVE IT!” he yelled.

Darunia smiled, a hint of shock and concern on her face. “A just gift for one with such a pure soul.” He let her down gently and took back Evelyn from Link, throwing it over his right shoulder with enthusiastic vigor. “And as for you Link,” she began. “There is much to discuss. It seems that fate has called you to join the bloodline of heroes that you hail from.

“Bloodline of heroes?” Link asked, dubious of the very notion that he was of some legendary lineage.

“Indeed,” Darunia continued. “I cannot look upon you as you are now, clad in emerald, and not be reminded of those that came before. Champions of courage all, and I daresay you have more than proven yourself to stand amongst them this day. For you see child, there are forces at work now within Hyrule that wish for nothing more than utter dominion over all its inhabitants. And he too is a child of prophecy as it were,” she said with a grimace. “You are fated to meet you see–fated to do battle until only one of you remains to chart the course of destiny for us all. I fear that your ample courage may not be enough. Your foe is considerably powerful and only grows more-so by the day. He is a creature of evil, and his hunger for strength is insatiable.”

“Who is he? The knight in the temple said his name was ‘Ganondorf Dragmire’.”

“Indeed,” Darunia replied. “Ganondorf is a member of the Gerudo, the tribe of desert-dwellers to the far west. Normally, their numbers are comprised exclusively of women, but once every 100 years a male is born and crowned their king. I know not what stirred such a vile sickness within that boy. Perhaps the spirit of Demise persists still after a millennia…” She looked away from Link, appearing to be lost in thought.

“Demise…?” Link asked.

Darunia snapped back from her ruminations, and continued as though she had not heard the question. “You will need my help and the help of my sisters in Zora’s Domain and the Gerudo Desert to guide you to the weapon that will allow you to restore order and peace. It is through our blessings that we will bestow upon you that you might wield it.”

“What is this weapon?” Link asked, surprised by his resolute tone.

“The Master Sword my dear. The very blade of evil’s bane.”

Bryan King is an editor for Zelda Dungeon. He loves writing about everyone’s favorite green-clad elfin boy, and thinks Zelda II doesn’t get the love it so rightly deserves. 

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