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Chapter Four

It had been five days since the Queen of Hyrule and her daughter had arrived at Gerudo Town.  They had been sincerely welcomed and celebrated under Gerudo hospitality.  Princess Zelda had been opened up to new experiences, and the queen was pleased to see her daughter blossom.  Lady Urbosa had been a generous host, making little of everything that she done for them.

“Serena, you are my oldest friend!” Urbosa exclaimed, brushing off her thanks.  “And not to mention, the Queen of Hyrule.  It is my pleasure to have you here.”

Serena smiled and linked arms with Urbosa as they walked leisurely around Kara Kara Bazaar.  “I have missed this part of the world.”

“And it has missed you too,” Urbosa reciprocated, before pointing at Zelda.  She had just jumped into the pool of water at the centre of the bazaar, and other children followed in her wake.   “Your daughter is at home here, look at how happy she is.”

The queen’s eyes lit up as she watched Zelda splashing around, and then her face crumpled suddenly.

“Serena, whats wrong?” Urbosa asked, concern etched across her features.

“This happiness will be short lived, Urbosa.”

“What do you mean?”

Serena stifled a sob and answered, “Zelda must begin her Divine Training within the year.”

“You mean she hasn’t learned of her power?” Urbosa asked, shocked.

“No.  I wanted to give her time.  She deserves to be a child, like anybody else.”

Urbosa glanced at Zelda, who was still swimming and splashing around.  “Does she even know about her role against the Calamity?”

“She knows nothing.” Tears began to roll freely down Serena’s cheeks, “How do I tell my daughter that she must face such evil?  Why should she even have to?”

“She is the Princess of Hyrule and our divine protector.  The magic is hers by blood — the blood of your goddess.”

“And how am I supposed to teach her to use it?” Serena begged for an answer.  “I have but a pinch of that magic, granted only by marriage!”

Urbosa’s eyes turned to steel, “You are the Queen of Hyrule, and Zelda’s mother!  If there is anybody who can guide the princess through this, it’s you!

Serena nodded, looking up at Urbosa, and trying desperately to gain control of her emotions.  “I know… I just want to protect her.”

Urbosa softened, “The Calamity could surface at any time, Serena.  Your daughter needs to know, before she even begins to train.  You must give her time to prepare!”

“I know,” the queen shook herself mentally.  “I will tell her tomorrow, on the journey home.”

Serena gazed towards the horizon, watching the full moon disappear as the sun lit up the sand below.  Dawn has come too quickly, she thought sadly.  She had spent a sleepless night in the company of Urbosa, seeking advice and solace from her dearest friend.  Eventually, Urbosa retired to slumber, leaving the queen to her own thoughts.  She wondered how she could possibly tell her little daughter the truth.  I am about to rip Zelda’s life apart, she thought, unable to stop the tears from rolling down her cheeks.

“Queen Serena,” a deep, yet feminine voice interrupted her desolate thoughts.

She wiped her eyes and turned her head to find a Gerudo Guard in the doorway.  “Yes?”

“Your Hylian Guard await you outside of the town’s walls.”

“Oh… yes.  Thank you.”

The Gerudo Guard nodded and exited.  Serena padded softly to Zelda’s bedside and looked upon her daughter.  She was so peaceful, her little features relaxed.  Hitching a weak smile onto her face, she said, “Zelda, wake up.  It’s time to get up, Little Bird.”

Serena looked around, hungrily taking in the sight of the desert.  She didn’t know when she would next return, now that Zelda’s divine training was about to begin.  Feeling a tug at her sleeve, Serena looked at her daughter.

“I don’t want to leave, Mother!” Zelda pleaded, looking wistfully back in the direction of Gerudo Town.

“I know, Little Bird.  But your father awaits us.”

“And you can always visit again,” Urbosa smiled, cupping Zelda’s chin.  She and a group of Gerudo Soldiers had accompanied the queen’s party across the sands.  “Isn’t that right, Serena?”

The queen’s eyes filled with emotion, “As soon as we can!”

Zelda clapped her hands and threw her arms around her mother’s waist, “I can’t wait!”

Serena laughed and gave Zelda a gentle squeeze.  “Okay, it’s time to say good-bye.”

Zelda hugged Urbosa tightly, took one last look across the desert, and then hopped into the waiting carriage.

The queen embraced Urbosa like a sister, “I won’t leave it so long until my next visit, Urbosa.”

“I’ll hold you to that, Serena!”

The two women laughed heartily, then parted.  Serena watched from the window as their carriage pulled away and Urbosa was out of sight.  Then she glanced at Zelda, who was playing with some dolls from the Gerudo Market.  Steeling herself, she called for her daughter’s attention.  “Zelda, I want you to listen carefully.  I have something important to tell you.”

Serena watched as Zelda obediently set her dolls aside.  Looking into her daughter’s green eyes, she began to falter.  Then she steadied herself, “Zelda, do you remember when we discussed the Great Calamity?”

Zelda nodded, and it was clear that her interest was piqued.

“Well, there is something special that a princess of the Royal Family can do to help save Hyrule from the Calamity.  You see, your blood is that of the Goddess, Hylia.  And just like your Grandmother before you —


Before the queen could finish her sentence, she was thrown from her seat as their carriage overturned.  She heard Zelda’s shocked cry and felt a searing pain in her head.  The panicked shouts of the Royal Guard carried to her ears as steel clashed against steel.  Then everything went black.


Artwork by hylianknight246.  See more of their work here.

Judy Calder is an Original Content Editor for Zelda Dungeon.  She enjoys lengthy debates about the Zelda timeline and thinks that we need to see more of the Queen of Hyrule.  Follow her on Twitter.

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