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The owl like Watarara’s expression was one akin to a parent answering endless questions from a curious child. His talons carried a squirming Kilton as Yasei sat atop his back wearing a great big smile.

“So, Mr Guufo, I can secure pearls, two sets of coral earrings, twenty board foot of rose wood, a dozen swift violets and a yard of green ribbon. Tell me more about this amethyst stone, the nobles are going to love it.”

“Miss Muryō, as I said before, I must clear any purchases with the Chieftess,” he grumbled.

I laughed; my friend’s lovely brown hair unravelled from the braids keeping it in check. Her white robe a hodgepodge collage of dust and dirt. Despite this, her passion for trade never slept.

“Hey, Ronri!” She leapt from Guufo and tried to smother me in a bear hug. Her attempts were slightly awkward as she still wore chains. “I shouldn’t have doubted you; this place is amazing. I could make a killing here with a whole new clientele.”

“Hmm, and how do you plan to fulfil any orders?”

Yasei tickled the thick fur under Kilton’s chin. His wet nose pushed at her hand demanding more. “Well, any good business owner keeps some stock for emergencies. A quick word with Tilo and it will all be sorted, trust me.”

The name rang a bell. “Tilo, your Zora contact?”

“That’s right. We just need to reach Lake Hylia; can you get us there? Pretty pleeeeease? The sooner I make a profit, the sooner we get up and running again.”

“Honestly, can’t you think about anything else? We were almost blown to bits in that temple. If it weren’t for Kavia…” my voice trailed away. Visions of blood, stained on a dark steel blade came unbidden into my mind. I don’t know how, but I truly hope that by some small mercy the Sand Goddess saved her.

Years later I discovered the horrifying truth. When Link mentioned something disturbing about the Iron Knuckles he’d fought at the Spirit Temple. Who is Link, you ask? Ah, I’m getting ahead of myself, apologies.

Yasei’s face fell. “Yeah, I know. She was alright – for a Gerudo. But I can’t forgive her for wrecking my Trading Dragon. That wagon meant everything to me.”

That’s not her fault, I thought. Speaking such words may have been the truth, however, it wouldn’t change the situation. “I’ll get you to Lake Hylia, I promise. It will involve the use of magic though and I assumed…” I scratched my head awkwardly. “Well, that you hate it.”

“When did I say that?”

I crossed my arms and sighed. “When we left Castle Town.”

“I didn’t,” she protested.

Kilton barked. His honest blue eyes scowled. Even he knew she most certainly had.

Good boy, I’ll give you a biscuit later.

“You said, and I quote: nothing good ever came from magic. It messes with your head and hurts people.”

She blew a raspberry. “Fine, I remember saying something dumb like that. No wonder you lied. I forced you into that, didn’t I? Sorry.”

“You don’t mind?” I asked. My shoulders sagged as I clasped her warm hands.

She blushed. “No, I don’t mind because it’s you. You’d never use your magic for evil.”

Oh, my dearest Yasei, if only you knew.

A strong gust caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. Elrora and Guufo exchanged knowing looks.

“We need to leave immediately,” the Chieftess said. Her tone became serious. “It could be him.”

“Him?” I repeated.

Elrora ruffled her feathers. “Long ago, there were eight powerful dragons. They refused to live in peace with mankind. Villages were laid to waste and fair maidens kidnapped to be eaten at leisure.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard and yet, I knew she wasn’t lying. Hyrule possessed so many monsters. I had seen a great number of them for myself.

Yasei’s ears wiggled. “A dragon?”

“Yes, a hero came forth with the courage to fight back.” Elrora continued. “He wielded both the tomahawk and sword, smiting down each dragon that had hidden itself inside a deadly labyrinth.”

“Ah ha, one survived?” Yasei rubbed her hands together. “Oh, just think of what I could get for some dragon’s teeth or a horn!”

“Don’t even think about it,” I snapped, to which she pouted.

“Split into formation seven,” Guufo commanded as the Watarara took fight. “Each squad takes their share of younglings and keep together. No one is to be left behind. We’ll take the portal to Lake Hylia, be ready to descend. Sir, make sure your party is ready.”

My body reacted to this new energy, coming at speed. Such immense size overpowered everything it came into contact with. It was disorientating to feel the life force of another creature. The more it happened, the more the violation knocked me for a loop. Goodness knows what my power felt or smelt like to another magical being.

“This energy…It reminds me of when Lanayru battled with Azamuku on Hyrule Field,” I said to no one in particular. A hand pressed my shoulder.


“Even they had their reasons and motives. This energy is restless. It’s primal, savage and uncontrollable.” I knelt down; my arms clamped around my stomach. Short breaths became gasps.

“Hey, you’re thinking too much again, aren’t you?” Something shook my shoulders violently. “What have I told you, moron?”

My eyes snapped open at once. “Yes, yes! Enough! Enough!”

The shaking ceased. Yasei pressed a kiss to my forehead and smiled.


“What was that for?” Her eyelashes looked impossibly long from this angle.

“Because you don’t have my hero mask.” She chuckled. “I want you to remember though, I’ve still got your back.”

Her confidence instilled a little courage inside my cowardly heart. Such a sweet memory, but I must focus. In all seriousness, how in Ganon do we survive a dragon attack?


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