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My ‘fiancée’ wore a nasty look that could kill a thousand Bokoblins. Despite her injuries, she scooped up a large chunk of rock near where she had landed. A simple blunt weapon. This didn’t matter though; whether run through with a sword, or bludgeoned to death – the bloody result would be the same.   

“I think I understand now why you wanted to thank me,” I said.   

She drew the stone up high. 

“This marriage. You wanted a way to escape.” 

“You know nothing of our ways,” Kavia growled. “You must die.” But her arms froze.    

Is she really that torn? This came as a surprise to me. In the time we had known each other, it was blatantly clear we weren’t compatible. Perhaps the robberies and other demands of Ganondorf weighed so heavily that she would do anything. I gave a deep sigh. What a messy state of affairs!    

“Come with us,” I suggested. At that, Kavia laughed haughtily. “You could start a new life.”  

“Is that your logic at play, little Hylian man? Do you remember what I said?” 

“Of course, being logical in a world of chaos is like trying to fight the wind.” 

Her stern face softened ever so slightly. “Ah, so my clever voe understands.” 

Not really…   

An icy blast from Kotake reminded us that time grew short. I drew my hands together to compress my magic into flat discs and sent them flying. The witch swerved around them easily, Koume threw a larger fireball that slammed into the entryway.  

The columns shook. Cracks zigzagged down the snake like faces chiselled into honey-coloured sandstone. Somehow, they remained firm and my heart quaked in relief. I wanted to kiss the Gerudo architect responsible for such a miracle.    

But then, a much stronger blast came from the direction of the throne. An almighty boom resounded throughout the chamber. I went to ground and covered my head. Yasei threw herself over Kilton trying to shield the husky from falling debris. That unbelievable dark power tore through the columns like paper. 

An uneasy silence followed. My legs cramped from being tucked in so tight. I lifted my head and scowled. He’s insane! I thought, looking at the sorry pile of rubble.  

“Seems you have nowhere to run,” Ganondorf announced. He paused, no doubt to savour the panic he’d created.  

“Moron.” Yasei scrambled over to my side. “Leave me, dammit. He might let you go if-” 

“No.” I shook the dust from my auburn hair. “What would your Pa say if I returned and told him you were a slave? I thought you wanted to travel across Hyrule together?”  

“I did… I mean, I do.” She stood up, long black braids swaying. Her teeth clenched, making her jaw jut out. “Fine, have it your way. Get us out of here then.”  

Ah. I didn’t always have the foresight to think several steps ahead. My brain had a knack for figures and opportunity, not bouts in a battle arena. Still, even I could see our only way out and it filled me with dread. The unfamiliar and the unknown. My stomach started doing backflips.   

“My voe,” Kavia cried out. 

I’d dallied too long. As icy missiles came hurdling towards me, a large rock flew across my vision. It shattered into a million pieces.         

Okay, enough stalling! Do you wish to die or survive?  

“Yasei, I’m going to need you to trust me.”  

“I don’t like the sound of that,” she replied. “What are you up to?”  

I clapped my hands and another ball of grey magic materialised in my palm. I kneaded it slightly and threw it into the air. It stopped, before expanding into another portal. Peeking inside, the same purple sky and white stars swirled endlessly. It looked like a dream world; a place that called out to the curious and adventurous. Very pretty indeed, however, what dangers do you hide, hmm? 

Yasei stepped back. “By Din’s fire, I’m not going in there.”  

“We haven’t got a choice,” I insisted.  

“Sorcery is evil, who knows where we’ll end up? It could kill us!”  

She wasn’t wrong. What if I can’t find the way out? Or leave someone behind? 

A slow scraping sound set my teeth on edge.  

“You shouldn’t take your eyes off the enemy, Happy Mask Salesman.” 

The Gerudo King drew his sword and charged at the group. He reminded me of a raging boar. I prepared to intercept, but my head spun and the ground wobbled under my feet.  

What’s going on?  

I tried again. This time, a sharp pain shot through both hands. It felt like they were on fire. On the third try I screamed. My entire body seized up and the portal flickered. Through heaving breaths, I managed to get it back under control. Thus came a stark realization. “Yasei, I can’t maintain this and fight him too. You have to jump in.” 

“No!” She clung to Kilton, who sniffed at the swirling mass and whimpered.  

“I’ve crossed sand rivers, been attacked by monsters and nearly sliced to bits to find you. I refuse to let you die now. Kavia, take her with you, please.” 

“Hey, let go of me!” 

 “A Gerudo vai is strong and protects her voe. Instead, you make your voe protect you. Such a feeble Hylian woman.” The Commander gave Yasei a smug grin before tossing both her and Kilton into the starry depths. As they disappeared, she turned to me. “Ronri.”  


“Remember, not all Gerudo are the same as our king.”   



She pushed hard and I found myself plummeting. Seconds after, a sword gleaming with crimson blood stabbed in vain through the swirling grey. But just as soon as it appeared, it was gone, and the Spirit Temple faded away.  


Featured art: Alison Patten via Canva.com

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