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“No need for death? And what could you offer me instead, disciple of Azamuku?” Ganondorf looked down his long, pointed nose at me. His furrowed eyebrows curved to join his flame red hair that reminded me of a volcano.    

“The Sacred Realm,” I said simply.   

That got the Gerudo King’s attention. “The Sacred Realm? You? And how could you hope to find it?”  

“Azamuku told me of the legends and gave a few clues. I just need to work it out.”  

Ganondorf’s mocking laughter rang through the entire chamber of the Spirit Temple. Combined with the cackling of the witches, the obnoxious sound swarmed around me. The candles flickered, casting further unnerving shadows. As a child, I considered the darkness an artist’s canvas for the overactive mind. Clinging to woollen blankets in the safety of bed, I would paint pictures of such horrendous things. Now, I stared into the hateful eyes of a true monster and swallowed. It would do no good to panic here, not with Yasei’s life at stake.     

“I see. And what would you expect in return?”  

I smeared the sweat across my forehead. Such evil power pressed down relentlessly on my shoulders, as the dark sorcerer demonstrated his supremacy. I have to stay calm, but how?  

Suddenly, I thought of my mask shop and the customers I didn’t like very much. How did I survive them? At once a smile crossed my lips. I could wear my smiling mask. The smile that had been described as ‘disturbing’ and when I wore it, no one could see what Ronri Okane thought or felt. 

Ganondorf smirked. “Well?”  

“I am but a humble travelling mask salesman.” I rubbed my hands together and smiled straight back at him. “So, all I ask is for my assistant to be set free.” 

Yasei’s mouth gaped open. “By the merciful Goddesses, don’t be a fool.”   

“Impossible,” the King replied. “I spared the life of this woman. She has my mark. She belongs to me.”  

I glanced at Yasei’s arm. The last time I’d seen it, a poisoned arrow had pierced and shattered the bone. Now, healed miraculously, a black triangle tattoo remained. Immediately, she tried to hide the mark, making the chains on her wrists jingle.  

Well, it’s not like I expected him to actually agree, I thought. “Surely, the life of one slave is nothing compared to The Sacred Realm?”  

“You dare bargain with me?” Ganondorf’s voice grew dangerously low as he leaned forward on his throne. “You are nothing. The woman stays.”  

“That is regrettable,” I replied, shuffling back ever so slightly. I threw out my arms, the intense tingling felt like hot pokers stabbing into my fingertips. But I was used to this sensation and I knew what to do. Curving my hands into a circle, I focused my attention. “Oh, mighty King, receive this then as our parting gift!” 

A grey spiral appeared, morphing into a glowing portal. The same portal that had swallowed a certain dark magic from before. “Yasei, to me.”  

I jumped as the fizzing sphere came hurdling out, straight at Ganondorf. The intense explosion of purples and yellows made quite the spectacle, sadly I had no time to admire it. Having only just caught my childhood friend, we tumbled down the altar’s steps together.    

At the bottom, I felt a heavy weight on my bare chest. Upon opening my eyes, they became locked with a pair of peridot green ones. “Erm, hi.” 

After a pause, Yasei appeared to realise where she was and blushed. “Sorry,” she squeaked, before rolling off me.  

“Quite alright,” I said, dusting off my gold necklace. “That distraction won’t last long though. Kilton. Kavia. We need to go – now!”   

An icy blue head of hair flew above the smoke. “We underestimated him sister, this time we need to get serious.”  

“Yes,” Koume agreed. “What an outrageous fellow to attack our lord. I’ll burn you alive.”  

Missiles of fire and ice were hurled in our direction. Those that hit the floor either froze on contact or baked the sandstone so it burned bright red. We ducked and danced around the troublesome magic. Fragments of stone exploded mere centimetres from our heads. As we raced towards the door, a familiar bark joined the chaos.  

“Kilton,” Yasei cheered with delight. The husky, beyond excited to see his master once more, swished his tail manically. “You been a good boy? You miss me? You miss me? I bet you missed me!”     

“Touching… perhaps we could save this for later?”   

By the time we reached Kavia, the Gerudo Commander was already standing up. She nodded in greeting before drawing her attention back to Ganondorf. “You are brave my voe, however, that will not be enough to stop him.” 

Sure enough, an almighty roar shook the whole temple. I turned around in horror, watched as the smoke cleared and a great hulking figure stalked towards us. Even though the attack had taken him by surprise there wasn’t a mark on him. Did he use some sort of shield?   

“Geh, heh, heh! I commend you, little maggot, for such back handed tactics. Perhaps I might have a use for you after all. Shall we discuss new terms?” 

“I’ll have to decline, Your Majesty. You see, I’m a very busy fellow.”    

“Kavia, arrest those traitors in the name of your King,” Kotake ordered. 

“But Vaba Kotake-”   

“As Commander it is your sworn duty,” Koume butted in. “Do you still wish to marry this Hylian filth? He already has a woman. He used you.”    

The Gerudo warrior glared back at the old hags. Her blue painted lips turned down into a frightening frown. Despite being injured, she cracked her knuckles and turned towards me.   

“Kavia, please,” my voice rose several octaves. “I can explain…”  


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