Last week, we were introduced to a fun story about Rupin of Skyward Sword fame, to which there honestly weren’t a lot of responses. I place the blame on myself for not getting it out on Friday, and unfortunately, today is no exception. However, I highly suggest that you take the time to read it, as well as this weeks entry, if you haven’t already. “According to Legend” by LinksLily is a massive and fantastical story that takes place long after the known events of the Zelda timeline. At this point, the stories of legend have been collected into a historical “bible”, but evil has returned and the legend continues to be written into history.

Realistic and dark. Takes place far down the time line; the legend is well known to Hylians and is almost seen as a ‘bible’. The hero is a famous figure that has big shoes Link has to fill. The army of tortured human souls is growing, Sinal is after the seven sages and threatens to curse the land with mental illness. Is Link’s will strong enough to endure? Romance/adv –


You’re immediately gripped by an introduction that has a young

Link being pushed away by his mother, who stayed behind and gave her life to save his. Ten years later, our story opens up with a Link who has just reached adulthood. We join him on adventure that will cross the paths of some characters that we can recall from series history as well as a plethora of new influences in the legend of the hero. I’m only a couple of chapters into the thirty-something that have been published so far, but am excited to continue this series as it continues to develop. Chapter thirty-two has been confirmed, but with no release date.

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and don’t forget to submit your own work or others you suggest. You can either submit them below with the rest of the comments or send them to me in a direct message with the details you want shared. See you next Friday (I promise)!

Source: FanFiction.Net

Image: Attyca

Note: As always, please refrain from hating on fan made works in the comments section. While some may not enjoy works posted by our fans, others will, and we wish to keep a friendly environment for all fans of the Zelda series. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we want our fans to feel safe in sharing work they have passionately created here on Zelda Informer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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