Link took the ocarina and studied it in his hands. Running his hands over the cool texture he looked at the eager “face” of the Skull Kid as he had pulled a small flute out of his bag and was brandishing it excitedly.

“Yay! Fairy boy, let’s play! Remember that song you taught me a long time ago? Let’s play that one!”

Link tried hiding his uncertainty as he continued to go along with the awkward situation. “Alright, uh..” Link put what could only be the mouthpiece of the strange instrument to his lips and blew a low note. It sounded rough as he moved his fingers around, testing out the different sounds he could make.

Skull Kid hopped up and down. “Play like this!” He raised his little flute to his lips and played a short, fast paced tune.

Link took a deep breath, blowing and placing his fingers randomly, trying to match the same rhythm at least. The three notes were wrong, but Skull Kid didn’t seem to disappointed as they played together.

“Hahahaha! Fairy Boy is out of practice! Don’t you remember what you taught me?” Skull Kid didn’t wait for an answer. “That’s okay! You can come practice with Skull Kid anytime!”  Skull Kid jumped up and down again. “Now let’s play a new game!” With that, the little Skull Kid turned and started running deeper into the woods.

Link, in surprise, dropped the Ocarina. It landed with a soft thud on the undergrowth. “Hey!” Link  took off running after the short creature. “Come back here!”

He heard Skull Kid’s haunting laughter echo throughout the forest as he raced after him. It was nearly impossible to see him as he raced through the fog. “Skull Kid!” The little strange creature hopped and floated from rock to ground and back again, rounding corners, making it so that Link could barely keep the little being in his sight. “Skull Kid,” he called out again.

He watched as the Skull Kid lept onto a low hanging branch, pausing for a moment in his chase. He continued his giggling and dancing, almost as if he was teasing Link. The Hylian gained speed, reaching his arm out to grab him. At the last moment, the Skull Kid hopped just out of reach.

Link cleared the branch and continued the chase, deciding if he couldn’t catch the little creature, perhaps he could make him stop. He grabbed a stone and chucked it toward Skull Kid, but the frustrating being ducked and continued running tirelessly. Link was exhausted and out of breath as he watched Skull Kid disappear out of sight.

“Argh!!” Link threw his hands up, coming to a stop. “I give up!” Gasping, he tried catching his breath. Collapsing against the side of a tree, he cursed the Skull Kid.  He wiped his sweaty forehead and looked around. Skull Kid was long gone and now he was more lost than he was when he started. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to make sense of the situation as well as regain his composure.


Link jumped up, alert. The giggling must mean the Skull Kid is back. This time he didn’t yell, he looked around, ears reaching to pick up any sound as he studied the area around him.

“Aha!!” The voice was directly behind him now. He turned abruptly, and almost knocked  into another small creature floating eye level in his face. “You found me!”

Link jumped back, startled, “you’re not the Skull Kid! Wha-”

“Who?” The small creature asked, seemingly perplexed. “I’ve never heard of a Skull Kid. We have Skull People who come into the forest sometime, but they’re more like whole skeletons and not just Skulls. They’re also really mean and they like to-”

Link felt like he was losing his mind. He stared dumbfounded at this new little creature as it floated closer. It had the body of a small, fat tree branch with a leaf for a face. It raised one stubby arm and exclaimed happily, “Anyway, You found me! Under that rock you threw! That means I owe you a present!” The little creatures face fell. “But I forgot to bring it with me… I’m an awful Korok. There is no telling what the other Koroks back at the forest would think of me.”

Link, mouth agape, was still having trouble processing this new situation. Finally he had the strength to mumble, “Korok Forest?”

“That’s where I live!” The Korok answered cheerfully. It looked thoughtful for a moment before lighting up, “Hey! I can take you to the Korok Forest and you can get your gift!”

Link paused, taking another breath, studying the creature. Finally he nodded in excitement and realization. “Yes! Yes I need to get to the Korok Forest!”

“Okay!” The little Korok zoomed past him. “Follow me!”

Link took off, following after the floating little tree child. However, as Link struggled to keep up, the Korok panicked, the little propeller on its head stopping. It landed softly with a cry on the forest floor. As the hero ran up to him, the Korok perked up, “why did you leave me?”

Link knew where this was going, “sorry about that. I’m a bit out of breath. It’s wild. How about I carry you and you point the way?”

The Korok nodded, well, his body shook in a way that indicated nodding. Link picked him up and he began to lead the way. “This way is actually quicker, but it’s a little dangerous. “His new Korok friend explained. “That way is longer, but it is the safest. Which should we go?”

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