It is no secret that few Zelda games have been as off-formula as the series’ second game. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is nowadays widely considered a black-sheep for its side-scrolling gameplay and punishing difficulty. Being born at least seven years after this game was released, I first encountered Zelda II as part of a bundle pack on the Gamecube known as The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition. Personally, I didn’t care for the game too much at the time. A flat 2-D side-scroller felt too restrictive after the freedom that I had experienced in the other Zelda games. I am currently giving the game a second chance on my 3DS with its save state feature. This has taken away the need to constantly restart at the North Palace and allowed me to appreciate some of the game’s better qualities. In particular, I find it great that the kingdom is so huge and that Link can actually level up using experience points to gain magic spells. Seriously, why weren’t statistics and spell-casting included in other Zelda games?

Video game composer Jeremiah Sun has come up with an epic orchestration for The Adventure of Link‘s opening titles. In a step beyond most Zelda music covers, Jeremiah also includes a fascinating fan-made backstory to Zelda II. This tale is told through storybook styled illustrations and details what happened to Princess Zelda and Link after the defeat of Ganon in The Legend of Zelda. After that game’s events, Hyrule’s king was still dead and the countryside was ravaged by monsters. There is a lot of fallout for the princess and the Hero to contend with. In particular, political intrigue is now rife in Hyrule, as ignoble suitors are demanding Zelda’s hand in marriage in order to become the next king. The sequence of events that follows ultimately culminates in the beginning of Zelda II and Link’s latest and hardest adventure to date.

What do you think of this cover? Would you like content like this backstory to appear in future games or remakes? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Second Narrator

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