Nintendo fan Toby Thornton has started the process of collecting and customizing different amiibo figures, and the first completed figure is for sale: it’s Link! Thornton details the process he used to customize this particular amiibo on the Facebook page for his project, called Amiibo Workshop.

Quite a lot of work went into customizing this Link amiibo, including removing the yellow stand and changing the position of the amiibo’s head. The base now has a grassy, natural look to it, as if Link is posing in a field.

The amiibo is being sold on eBay, with the current bid at £106.00. The bidding will continue until January 21st. Check out the gallery below for more pictures of the customized amiibo, as well as a picture of the original Link amiibo to compare. What do you think of this Link amiibo? What kinds of amiibo do you look forward to seeing customized?

Source: Polygon

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