tumblr_inline_msua2y5krJ1qz4rgpOf all the Links who have donned the green tunic and cap and answered the call to save Hyrule, the Hero of Time stands out as particularly legendary. Not only did this incarnation of Link star in Ocarina of Time, a game many consider to be one of the best ever made, but he went on to save the day again in Majora’s Mask, a cult favorite among hardcore Zelda fans. His influence is keenly felt in The Wind Waker, and again in Twilight Princess, where the Hero’s Shade, a manifestation of the Hero of Time’s past regret, according to Hyrule Historia, teaches his heroic successor the ways of the sword.

Despite his recurring appearances in the series, the Hero of Time’s fate following Majora’s Mask is largely shrouded in mystery. A relatively new fan comic, however, has attempted to fill in the holes and provide an emotional and complete account of this particular Link’s legendary life.

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The Hero of Time has always struck me as a rather tragic character. He goes through countless trials to defeat Ganondorf, only to be sent back in time to an age where his heroic deeds will be unrecognized. Navi, his precious friend, then disappears, sending him on a lonely journey to find her. During this quest, he’s transported to an entirely different world, where countless nightmarish trials await him. Afterwards, his story arc ends on a rather bittersweet note. We never learn if he finds Navi, and his ghoulish reappearance in Twilight Princess certainly doesn’t suggest he was given the happy ending he deserved.

The artist, has tried to weave a satisfying conclusion for the Hero of Time’s story. Her comic can be read in its entirety here. The blog belongs to an artist named Cristina, though it’s not clear whether or not she is the artist. The piece itself is set to a song by Lauren Aquilina, which I highly recommend listening to as you read along.


The comic covers the events of Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Twillight Princess in a couple dozen panels, providing insight into the Hero of Time’s thoughts and feelings throughout his life of adventure. The art style is colorful and bold, and has a dreamlike quality to it. It isn’t heavy on words, relying mostly on visuals to tell its story. The haunting events of the Hero of Time’s life build towards a satisfying heartfelt conclusion. Our favorite hero is finally able to achieve his much deserved peace, teaching his skills to a new hero before joining his friends in the hereafter.

The comic also wins extra points for giving the older version of Link a really badass eyepatch, giving him the look of a grizzled veteran. In fact, my only real complaint about the artist’s work is that she draws young Link a tad bit too old. But that might just be me.

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Source: Kwii Draws Stuff