Fan Baked Majora’s Mask Cake

The demonic Majora’s Mask has returned for a second round… in delicious cake form?

Cooking blogger and Majora’s Mask fan Cakecrumbs has created a piece of culinary artwork in the likeness of Majora’s eerie vessel. Make the jump to see more!


The creation started out as a butter cake baked in a heart shaped tin, as so:

The crust was then trimmed into the flatter heart-shape of the mask, not as puffed as a heart. It was then covered with a chocolate ganache to act as a sturdier canvas for the steps to come.

“By far, the hardest park of the cake to achieve was symmetry. Using a floppy, sticky substance that dries quickly in the air, stretches when lifted and cracks if manipulated too long means you need to work fast. Fast and accuracy aren’t best friends,” writes Cakecrumbs. Just like Cakecrumbs, anyone who cooks aiming for presentation and works with fast-drying materials knows this.

Next, the eyes and the horns were created, written to be the easiest part of the process. A fondant outer layer was used to create texture, then colored to accurately resemble the mask. After lots of hard work, the mask was finally finished.

To check out the full story, follow the link at the bottom of the story. Quite creative cooking! As the Skyward Sword Bazzar Cook might say, “Another culinary delight to be enjoyed!” Only this time, it’s a visual treat too! Tell us your opinion in the comments.

Source: [Baking Adventures]

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