Welcome back to the Fan Art Showdown! Before we get onto the fun, I’d like a moment to announce that I will be taking over this weekly feature – but fear not – you’ll love it just as much! If you missed last week’s competition, you can check it out here. As usual, we had two amazing pieces of artwork, but only one has tasted the sweet nectar of victory:

Congratulations to DigiTails for winning with her submission of “What Have I Done?” with a 40% lead. This winning submission can also be found on DeviantART.

Feel free to submit any artwork to us at fanart@zeldadungeon.net for a chance to be featured in Fan Art Showdown, but remember to read these rules before you submit:

  • Submissions must not contain anything that would be considered over PG-13. That would include any sexual or graphic content, as well as curses.
  • PLEASE, before you submit your artwork to us, make sure it has a TITLE. Artwork submissions that don’t have a title won’t be featured in the next Fan Art Showdown.
  • You can submit multiple pieces of artwork, however you need to tell me which one you want featured first. If I decide to use one of your other art pieces in a future edition of Fan Art Showdown, I will contact you.
  • Please don’t talk negatively about other people’s submissions. It’s fine if you want to provide some constructive criticism, as long as you present it in a non-hateful way, and you’re not trying to completely bash them for it.

Without further adieu, here are this week’s competitors:

Impregnable Fortress – By RODOLINC

An interesting submission sent via email. It can also be found on DeviantART.

I really enjoy the contrasts and scenery found in this piece. It’s very reminiscent of the Arbiter’s Grounds and Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess.

Lithia: My Kokor Self – By Yuna_500

This is a really adorable submission. It was submitted to via email, and it can also be found on DeviantART.

Lithia: My Kokor Self by Yuna_500

This is a really cute rendition of a Korok, miniature humanoid creatures that can be found living in the Forest Haven in The Wind Waker.


Both submissions featured this week are interesting in their own ways, and nonetheless look appealing to the eye. Leave a vote for the one you like the best, the poll can be found at the top of this page, and remember to send us your art work for a chance to be featured right here, on Fan Art Showdown! Please send your submissions to fanart@zeldadungeon.net!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned to Zelda Informer for our next installment of Fan Art Showdown!