Welcome back to the Fan Art Showdown! If you missed last week’s competition, you can check it out here. There were two great pieces of fan art competing against each other, but only one emerged victorious:

That’s right, Paul’s rendition of Twinmold won by a lead of 18%. Would you like to submit some fan art for a chance to win just as Paul has? Please read the rules below before submitting anything.

  • Submissions must not contain anything that would be considered over PG13. This includes images that contain sexual or graphic content, as well as curses.
  • When sending your submission in, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, give it a title. It needs a title, or it will be ignored.
  • Sending more than one submission is fine, but please tell me which image you want to be entered first. If I decide to use your other submissions in a future installment, I will contact you.
  • Please do not bad-mouth others’ work in the comments. If you have some constructive criticism, please present it in a non-hateful way.

If you’re thinking of sending in some fan art of your own to compete in the Showdown, you can send an email to fanartshowdown.zeldainformer@gmail.com. Alternatively, you can tweet your art to me @dwh_ii.

Now, without further adieu, shall I introduce this week’s contestants?

What Have I Done? – By DigiTails

This particular submission, although sent to me via email by the artist, can be located on DeviantART as well.

I particularly like the art style of this piece and details such as the mist surrounding Link. DigiTails is really talented!

Fi From Skyward Sword – By Paul

Of all the Zelda characters that came out of Skyward Sword, Fi is definitely one of my. I know, she’s annoying, but…she’s so cool looking.

It’s important to mention that this is the Paul from last week, who won with his portrait of Twinmold. Can he do what no other artist has done and win back-to-back Showdowns?


When I launched the Fan Art Showdown, I did not expect all of these amazing fan art submissions to be sent in. I’d like to issue a thank-you to anyone who has submitted art, commented down below, or voted.

Enough of the mushy stuff: Remember to vote honestly and think through your decision, and I’ll see you in the next Fan Art Showdown!

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